Talloires Network Publications

Talloires Network Publications[1]

Faculty Recognition
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Global University Civic Engagement Movement
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University Ranking Systems
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TN Conferences

Jongsma, Ard, MacGregor, Karen, Makoni, Munyaradzi, Warden, Rebecca, Sharma, Yojana. 2015. “Talloires Network Leaders Conference Cape Town 2014: Live engagement, transform lives.” Medford: Talloires Network, Tufts University.

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Preparing Students for Civic and Economic Participation

Carrier, Carol, Furco, Andrew, and Velure Roholt, Ross. “Youth Economic Participation Initiative: Year 1 Report” (unpublished). Medford: Talloires Network, 2015. Accessed August 10, 2016, http://talloiresnetwork.tufts.edu/wp-content/uploads/YEPI-Year-1-Learning-Report.pdf.

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[1] This list does not include blog posts, newsletter articles, and other similar pieces.