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Membership in the Talloires Network signals an institutional commitment to the ideals of university community engagement, social service and responsibility, international collaboration and local collective action to address pressing problems.

Born at the Tufts European Center in Talloires, our network has extended its reach to every continent as the importance of a concrete social mission in higher education becomes widespread.

Beginning in 2017, the Talloires Network has instituted a tiered membership dues structure to foster investment and growth in network operations.

Our Steering Committee adopted this policy with a look toward sustainability in the years ahead. Tufts University will continue to host the TN Secretariat within its Tisch College of Civic Life.

Engaged Members

Foster the growth of the university civic engagement movement by committing your university to be an engaged member of the Talloires Network!

Engaged member universities commit to supporting TN programs, initiatives, and research by contributing annual dues based on their host country’s Human Development Index rating, according to the United Nations Development Program. Annual dues under this system range between $500 to $7,500 per year and are determined according to a university’s geographic location. Engaged members allow other, less well-endowed universities to participate in this crucial work, helping to lead the global movement of civic engagement in higher education.

Benefits for Engaged Members include eligibility to:

  • A fee waiver to apply for the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification International pilot;
  • Apply for TN faculty professional development programs, which include financial support for civic engagement activities and public recognition for excellence in engaged scholarship;
  • Apply for TN demonstration grant programs, which involve substantial technical and financial support for innovative university civic engagement programs;
  • Apply to participate in global learning exchange programs for students, staff, faculty and administrators;
  • Participate in collaborative writing and research projects, which includes international workshops as well as technical and financial support for publishing reports, articles, and books;
  • Organize and lead plenary and breakout sessions at the Talloires Network Global Leaders Conference;
  • Receive travel, lodging and registration grants for the Talloires Network Global Leaders Conference; and
  • Enjoy all benefits available to Signatory Members (see below)

Engaged members enjoy an umbrella membership, which means that all staff, faculty and students can receive the benefits. To become an engaged member university, we ask that you become a signatory member and commit to supporting the TN by contributing annual dues. We also ask that you assign a liaison to work with us on promoting your institution’s civic engagement and to connect you with other members to work on collaborative projects.

Signatory Members

Between 2005 and 2016, more than 350 universities became signatories to the Talloires Declaration. By declaring their support of our founding document, these universities support the ideals and values that drive our work. In order to become a signatory member, universities provided a letter of commitment signed by the president, vice-chancellor, or rector.

To become a signatory member university, simply contact the Talloires Network Secretariat and give a brief overview of your civic engagement activities. Once you have been approved to join, you will need to provide a letter of commitment signed by the president, vice-chancellor, or rector. The letter should be addressed to President Anthony Monaco of Tufts University, Chair of the Talloires Network Steering Committee. The letter should be scanned and emailed to the Talloires Network Secretariat. Click here for a sample letter of commitment that can be adapted for your institution. This letter outlines your personal and institutional commitment to the values and goals of the Talloires Declaration.

Signatory member institutions are those who sign their support of the Talloires Declaration. They demonstrate institutional support for the values expressed in our founding document.

Benefits for Signatory Members include opportunities to:

  • Nominate an innovative university civic engagement program for the annual MacJannet Prize, which provides monetary awards and public recognition;
  • Build your institution’s international community engagement credentials (e.g., use of Talloires Network’s logo);
  • Publicize your civic engagement work in our newsletter and social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn;
  • Access to our newsletter, which includes announcements of grant opportunities and regional conferences;
  • Share experience and solicit information from peers (administrators, staff, faculty, and students) at member institutions around the world who have similar interests in civic engagement; and
  • Represent the Talloires Network at national, regional, and international conferences and gatherings focused on university civic engagement;
  • Nominate individual leaders in higher education to serve on the Talloires Network Steering Committee