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Meridian Global University (MGU) in partnership with Access Care Foundation will provide basic healthcare services for people trapped or displaced by the conflict in the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon. The partnership will focus on a hygiene and education campaign and other preventive measures against the pandemic as well as the reduction of maternal or neonatal deaths.

The partnership was established in 2017 due to the urgent need for basic healthcare services for those trapped or displaced by the armed conflict. Recognizing that MGU and Access Care had a common interest in addressing these health care needs, they formed a partnership in which MGU provides personnel (final year health students) and financial support for the purchase of testing kits for malaria, HIV, blood pressure and blood sugar, while Access Care provides expert health personnel, antimalarial drugs, long lasting insecticidal nets, family planning kits, and vaccines.

As part of the partnership, MGU and Access Care regularly organize stakeholder meetings to solicit suggestions and feedback on their activities. The primary issues addressed by the partnership are provision of malaria prophylaxis to pregnant women and insecticidal nets to the internally displaced persons to prevent malaria, routine screening of displaced persons for malaria, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular diseases, and identification and follow up of pregnant women to ensure safe delivery and treatment of health conditions to prevent complications.