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University of Bradford campus 

The University of Bradford’s motto is "Making knowledge work."  The university was founded in 1882 as Bradford Technical College and was granted university status by royal charter in 1966. The University of Bradford now has a population of over 10,000 students and a wide variety of degree programs.  University of Bradford’s website>>

The Centre for Community Engagement

Bradford Centre for Community EngagementThe Centre for Community Engagement co-ordinates Bradford’s community activities, supporting new projects and events with the university’s community partners. They also act as a link to facilitate collaborative work with communities. The CCE offers community research, workshops and short courses, support for community enterprises and access to University campus and resources. The Centre focuses resources on three core themes – Sustainability, Social Cohesion and Social Wellbeing. Centre for Community Engagement’s website>>

The Centre for Conflict ResolutionBradford CCR

The University of Bradford has long been at the forefront of studying conflict resolution.  In 1973, Bradford became the first university in the UK to open a Department of Peace Studies. The Centre for Conflict Resolution has developed an international reputation for the practical application of new ideas about conflict resolution, mediation, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding.  Faculty have worked with warring parties, government agencies, NGOs, regional and international organizations, and civilian communities to resolve conflict and sustain cultures of peace. Centre for Conflict Resolution’s website>>

University of Bradford Mentoring Programme

 The city of Bradford faces severe socio-economic gaps and large immigrant populations. To serve underprivileged communities, mentors are recruited from the undergraduate and postgraduate student body to provide an informal peer based support system for non-traditional entrants to higher education. The program seeks to raise aspirations, encourage progression and to aid retention, student success and achievement once they have entered the University. The use of mentoring enhances and supports the work of the Bradford University Academy in terms of recruitment, retention and enabling achievement, as well as encouraging dialogue across intercultural and socio-economic groups. Over 250 University of Bradford students have been trained and now participate in this mentoring program. Learn more>>