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Who is eligible to be nominated?
Any initiative or program at a Talloires Network signatory member university with significant student leadership which has existed for at least two years. Please click here to view the criteria on which applications will be judged. Universities that are not already members of the Talloires Network are invited to apply for membership in order to be eligible for the MacJannet Prize.

Who can submit nominations?
Anyone from the member institution can submit nominations for a program – students, staff, faculty, and administrators. Those nominating do not have to be participants in the program and groups may nominate themselves.

Can more than one nomination be submitted per group or project?

How many programs can be nominated from one university?
No more than two. Any additional nominations will not be considered.

Can groups or projects not selected as finalists be renominated next year?
Yes. However, programs that have previously won the MacJannet Prize are not eligible to apply again.

Must nominations be written in English?  
We prefer that the nominations be submitted in English. However, we will do our best to accommodate nominations submitted in other languages. If you would like information about submitting a nomination in a language other than English, please contact the Talloires Network Secretariat (

Can I nominate a project anonymously?
No. To ensure the accuracy of all nominations we do ask that you provide your contact information. If the program you nominate is selected as a semi-finalist, that program will be contacted and asked to provide more information at which time they may request a copy of the original nomination form (if they did not know that they were being nominated).

Would it be acceptable to have a letter of support from a university official other than the President or VC?
We ask for a letter of support from the institution head in order to guarantee that all programs being nominated have strong university support (One of the Selection Criteria). Therefore, we recommend that you obtain a letter of support from the highest ranking university official possible. If the President or VC is unavailable, a Pro-VC, Vice-President, or Dean would be acceptable.

What additional materials will be asked of finalists?
In order to get a more thorough understanding of the program, the Talloires Network secretariat staff will conduct phone/Zoom interviews (or gather additional information by email) with involved faculty, community groups, students, etc. Supporting documents of achievements and photographs may also be requested.

When will our project find out if we’ve been selected as finalists?
Check out the timeline for this year’s nomination process.