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In partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, the Talloires Network held the Next Generation Leaders Alumni Workshop and Conference in the Boston region. Following more than two years of online collaboration, university students from around the world finally met in person. Students created a short video to reflect upon the conference and contributed to a report that captured the takeaways. Read more about reflections from the 5-day long gathering here.

"I was able to meet different people from different backgrounds, who prior to Boston were only fellow NGL members but during our time in Boston we became friends- who have helped me to grow personally and professionally."

- Anonymous NGL Alum, feedback from September 2023 survey



Sunday, 20 August

Welcome at Tufts University – orientation, lunch, gifts, meeting materials, and opportunities to socialize and rest.

Reflection exercise – identify a favorite quote from a great leader who has passed.

Students arrive at Essex Woods

NGL alumni gathered around the fire circle

"Leaders draw inspiration from others, just as they inspire those around them; it's a cycle of influence where being exemplary sets the tone."

- Harunah Damba, NGL Alum (Makerere University, Uganda)

DAY ONE: EARTH & ETHER ELEMENTS Grounded Realities & Imagining New Ecosystems

Monday, 21 August

The Five Great Elements
Qualities of Earth, Union of Personal Artifacts
The Land Where We Stand
Voices of Visionaries from the Past
Shaping the Future – Goals and Expectations

Naming Grounded Realities and Community Challenges

Guided Yoga Nidra – Relax and Restore

Qualities of Ether

Building a Model of Transformative Leadership


NGL alumni with their models of transformative leadership

"Built on past lessons, we're paving the way for tomorrow's learners, igniting the spark of possibility and dreaming big for the future of NGL."

- Fri Mercy Koti, NGL Alum (Gracious University, Cameroon)

DAY TWO: FIRE ELEMENT – Individual Transformation

Tuesday, 22 August

Sharing Visions of Transformative Leadership

Transformative Leadership

Group reflections on patterns and themes

Guided Yoga Nidra – Relax and Restore

Our Story of Transformative Learning and Leadership

  • Significant moments in the Next Generation Leaders journey
  • Assumptions, Lessons Learned
  • In what ways has the Next Generation Leaders experience been a steppingstone toward your vision?

Sustainable Transformative Learning and Leadership


DAY THREE: FIRE ELEMENT – Institutional Transformation

Wednesday, 23 August

Sustained and Scaled Institutional Transformation

Harvard University Walking Tour with Matias Ramos, Associate Director, Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations. Walking tour focused particularly on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the ways in which Harvard University has changed over time

Dinner in Boston, MA with special guest, Taina McField, Associate Dean for Strategy, Tisch College

NGL alumni visiting Harvard University

"The activities were not only focused on the growth of the program, but also on our personal and professional growth through building our personal model of transformative leadership and being dared to dream a bigger dream for ourselves."

- Anonymous NGL Alum, feedback from September 2023 survey

FOUR: WATER ELEMENT – Growing and Nurturing New Ecosystems

Thursday, 24 August

Beyond a Program: Designing a Generative Global Initiative

Building Capacity and Momentum - With Whom Must We Partner?

Envisioning Your Contribution to the Grant Proposal

FAREWELL AND DEPARTURES: AIR ELEMENT – Flying High, Toward a Brighter Future

Friday, 25 August

Essential Activities and Necessary Resources - A Budget Illuminates Priorities

Lunch and farewells