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Workshops & Grants to Support Community-University Research

Talloires Network members have placed engagement at the center of their mission, and they champion engaged research and learning methods.

Civically engaged universities work in partnership with local communities and institutions, aiming to strengthen the society of which they are part. In contrast to the idea of the ivory tower, a term that connotes distance, the engaged university actively confronts pressing societal problems such as climate change, xenophobia, disease, and political instability. Such problems are matters of human well-being and planetary survival; they cannot be remedied by technical approaches alone.

Civically engaged universities blend conventional and unconventional research and learning methods; they balance and integrate technical and rational approaches to research and learning with approaches that are situational and contextual; they call into question the notion of expertise as a limited resource, encouraging interaction and learning among university faculty, staff, students, refugees, indigenous peoples, children, women, and the elderly. They recognize multiple ways of knowing and multiple ways of representing their collaborative learning and research outcomes.


In partnership with the Open Society University Network (OSUN), the Talloires Network (TN) has organized a series of 2-hour, online workshops to support engaged scholars who have an interest in community-university research. Workshops will be led by leaders in the field of university civic engagement around the world and held each month from February 2022 through July 2022. Workshops will be available to OSUN and TN members free of charge.

Workshops will highlight innovative community-university research in communities around the world such as Malaysia, the United States, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Uganda, Ghana, and Austria. Presentations by engaged scholars will address the following questions:

  • How do engaged scholars collaborate with communities to co-design and implement engagement programs?
  • In what ways do community members contribute to the engaged scholarship?
  • In what ways does engaged scholarship contribute to building civic values and skills for students?
  • How might engaged scholarship impact students’ choices about career path or future involvement in their community?
  • To what extend has the engagement program positively affected the community?
  • How does one assess engaged scholarship?
  • How do engaged scholars present their achievements at the time of promotion or career transition?
  • In what ways are universities adapting internal review processes to reward engaged scholarship?
  • What are the key elements for a successful long-term university-community partnership?

Mark your calendar – the first workshop will be held on 17 February 2022, 8:00 – 10:00AM Eastern Time. Stay tuned for more information and the schedule of workshops.


The OSUN and TN will also provide grants to faculty and graduate students to support their engaged scholarship. Faculty and graduate students affiliated with OSUN and TN member institutions are eligible to apply. We seek applications from faculty and graduate students who are working to develop long-term, sustainable community partnerships as a central part of their research with a goal to develop shared knowledge about issues that align with OSUN and TN priorities.

  • The Engaged Faculty Scholar Award is for faculty whose scholarship incorporates community-based research into new or existing research and supports sustained community partners as long-term collaborators.
    Award: $9,000
  • The Engaged Scholar Award is for graduate students pursuing research that integrates community engagement into new or existing scholarship.
    Award: $6,000

The grant application deadline is March 1, 2022.

Learn more information and apply on the OSUN website.