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Throughout the Spring of 2023, the Talloires Network and Open Society University Network held meetings and workshops organized by engaged research scholars as part of the Amplifying the Voices of Engaged Researchers initiative. This community of practice met regularly to share ideas and strategies for engaged scholarship across geo-political boundaries, create new and lasting ties among engaged researchers, and organize online workshops for engaged scholars around the world.

Past Workshops:

Tackling Barriers of Access to Basic Education in Africa – Experiences of Engaged Scholars from South Africa, Uganda & Kenya


Date: May 19, 2023 at 8:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


Spanish: Abordar las barreras de acceso a la educación básica en África: experiencias de académicos comprometidos de Sudáfrica, Uganda y Kenia

This event will provide simultaneous interpretation in Spanish to English and English to Spanish.

In this workshop, three Engaged Research Fund recipients in Africa will address the barriers to access to education in their countries. Peter Kirira will give insights on how an intervention to support primary school pupils in low resourced communities in Kenya to access safe drinking water in school has contributed to students’ academic performance and school attendance rates. Joseph Oloba & Martha Awati will focus on financial literacy in the North Bukedi Sub-region of Uganda. Financial literacy is a crucial life skill that impacts mental health, the education experience, and the long-term quality of life. Martina Jordaan will reflect on the education pathways at the University of Pretoria, Mamelodi campus, and the project she is doing with the Historical Society of Mamelodi.

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Empowering Gender Equality through Public Art: Engaged Learning and Communities of Practice for Effective Gender Policy Briefs in Kyrgyzstan

Watch the workshop here!


Spanish: Empoderando la igualdad de género a través del arte público: aprendizaje comprometido y comunidades de práctica para resúmenes de políticas de género eficaces en Kirguistán

Date: Apr 20, 2023 08:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


This event provided simultaneous interpretation in Spanish to English and English to Spanish.

This workshop provides a case study on using public art as a powerful tool for addressing gender issues in decision-making positions in the arts community and society in general. Participants will discuss how to use artistic practices and policy briefs on gender equality in public art and collaborate with others who are passionate about promoting social justice and equality. The workshop will emphasize the importance of public art as a tool for social change and aim to address gender inequality in the arts community. Participants will strengthen their understanding and skills in creating policy briefs and have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals to continue advocating for positive change in their communities. This workshop is an opportunity for educators, artists, and activists to come together and reflect on engaged learning and the importance of a community of practice, and the power of public art to address gender issues in the context of Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. The workshop will be moderated by Engaged Research Fund recipient Ruslan M. Rahimov, an anthropologist at the American University of Central Asia, and include fellow Engaged Research Fund recipient Jarkyn Shadymanova, sociologist, and co-author of the research. The workshop will include community partners and AUCA students Udukenova Kymbat, Askarbekova Sezim, Almazbekova Aizada, and Egemberdieva Aliia. Other participants include Diana Ukhina, a researcher, artist, curator and head of the SYNERGY creative workshop and the Bishkek School of Contemporary Art (BiSCA) as well as Jazgul Madazimova, an artist primarily interested in public and social practice art.

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Connecting Dots: Entangling Experiences of Women from Colombia and Afghanistan in Peace-building

Watch the workshops below!


Spanish: En(RED)ando Saberes de Mujeres: Experiencias de mujeres de Colombia y Afganistán para la construcción de paz.

Date: Tuesday March 14 2023 at 10:00 am EDT (UTC-4) (9:00AM UTC-5)

This event provided simultaneous interpretation in Spanish to English and English to Spanish.

This forum will elevate the voices and lived experiences of women who are building and enhancing community networks capable of facing challenges of violence and injustice. It will examine the potential and difficulties that each community has discovered in developing its own networks from Montes de María and El Huila in Colombia, as well as Nadia Amanyar and Shakila in Afghanistan. The forum will be moderated by three Engaged Research Fund recipients Sooriya Arya (American University of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan), Diana Ordoñez Castillo (Universidad de Los Andes, Columbia), and Carol Montealegre (Bard College, United States).

Community Participants include representatives from Colectivo de Comunicaciones de Montes de María (Colombia), Asomhupaz Asociación de Mujeres Huilenses por la Paz (Colombia), and Uzgarish Cultural and Women Organization (Afghanistan).

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