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The University of Lahore (UOL) was established in 1999 and awarded a University charter by the Government. Since then, this not-for-profit organisation has grown in size and strength in various disciplines. Presently UOL is one of the largest private universities in Pakistan with over 18,000 students in 28 different departments of 11 Faculties. UOL offers all level of courses (undergrad, postgrad and PhD) in fields ranging from Medicine to Engineering, from Social Sciences to Arts and from Nursing to Physics.

In 2005, Pakistan already engulfed by various issues faced the most devastating Earthquake in her history. Over 75,000 people lost their lives in this Earthquake in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. These areas blessed with the immense natural beauty (and also home to world’s highest concentration of peaks) is also remote and not well connected. This is where UOL stepped in for the first time and initiated an unprecedented Rescue and Relief efforts. Utilizing services of some of the people in Management with knowledge of adventure sports in the area, and highly motivated student body this was an activity which though started in October 2005 but has since continued. Today working under a proper initiative titled “UOL Relief”, it has established emergency health care units, schools, houses, medical camps, helped with evacuations, setting up of shelters and so on. Since 2005, UOL Relief has worked on providing support to the multiple massive flooding victims in North of Pakistan and then in South of Punjab, set up a Shelter Home in Lahore for orphaned special children who cannot be traditionally catered in a conventional orphanage because of their serious but non-life threatening disabilities. UOL’s services to the society in time of crisis has been recognised by UN, various International NGOs and Pakistan Government/Army.

Apart from the UOL Relief initiative which heavily relies on support and voluntarism of our University students and alumni – UOL’s students are also engaged in various social initiatives via inside University campuses and activities. In last one year UOL has become part of International Universities Search and Rescue Council, Cyprus. Conducted Environmental and Social issue seminars/workshops to raise student awareness on these vital topics.

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