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University Education for Transformative Leadership in Africa

In partnership with The MasterCard Foundation the Talloires Network launched the University Education for Transformative Leadership in Africa (UETLA) Faculty Support Grant in 2016. This unique grant opportunity supports the ongoing learnings of the Youth Economic Participation Initiative, launched in 2012 to catalyze change in the way universities across the globe prepare their students for … » read

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Announcement of 2017 Elephant Initiative Student Fellows

Introducing the Student Fellows cohort of our Elephant Initiative, a fellowship program focused on transformative leadership. » read

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News from Ma’an Arab University Alliance for Civic Engagement

Latest regional newsletter highlights upsurge in active citizenship and participation in the Arab region. » read

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Talloires Network Newsletter: March 2017

Talloires Network Newsletter

Tufts University || Medford, Massachusetts, USA || March 20, 2017

Dear colleagues,
Earlier this month, Talloires Network Steering Committee members met by phone to discuss the current progress of the Engaged Membership drive, our upcoming Talloires Network Leaders Conference in Veracruz, Mexico, and … » read

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Beyond the Headlines: Veracruz and its University Show Heroic Example of Resilience

Travelers to TNLC can make the best of it and expect to see living history. » read

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Student Opportunities at TNLC Provide Central Role for Emerging Leaders

With the aim of maximizing student engagement, the Talloires Network Leaders’ Conference offers new opportunities for student participation and leadership. » read

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Student Leadership Opportunity for our Global Conference

In collaboration with YEPI partners and experts in disruptive pedagogies at Universidad Veracruzana, the Talloires Network invites students at member institutions to apply to be Student Fellows in the Elephant Initiative: a global initiative focused on transformative leadership.
The Elephant Initiative will use the 2017 Talloires Network Leaders’ Conference (TNLC) as a platform. Student Fellows will be trained to take on … » read

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Youth Entrepreneurship Program Leaders to Present at Veracruz Conference

University civic engagement leaders and scholars from 15 countries representing the Youth Economic Participation Initiative will present learnings from their programs at this year’s Talloires Network Leaders Conference  in Veracruz, Mexico.
Youth employability is a major theme in the relevancy of higher education to communities and employers in this generation. In some countries, youth under 25 years old represent two thirds of … » read

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Why Your University Should Be at TNLC2017 in Mexico

Our global convergence of scholars, practitioners, students, and university leaders is the fourth of its kind, after previous meetings in France, Spain, and South Africa. » read

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The Future of the Talloires Network

Our students graduate with a strong intellectual foundation and a sense of responsibility to their fellow citizens. Be part of our shared commitment to uplifting the social responsibilities of higher education. » read

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