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Social Responsibility and Student Engagement at the University of Rwanda

Tuesday, February, 6th, 2018

Around 400 students from different disciplines under the college of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine gathered in a one-day session in support with academic staff and student mentors to work together on community work services to later discuss how each discipline can generate projects for the benefit of the community. Lead by Mr. Mapendo… Read More

Deliberative Civic Engagement: The Talloires Network’s Ongoing Collaboration with the Kettering Foundation

Tuesday, February, 6th, 2018 News

Deliberative Civic Engagement: The Talloires Network’s Ongoing Collaboration with the Kettering Foundation The Kettering Foundation and the Talloires Network acknowledge that many societies are characterized by political conflict and division, dysfunctional public discourse, cultural and religious differences, and differences of race, class, and polarized ideologies. In turn, we began a series of exchanges on the… Read More

The Youth Economic Participation Initiative

Friday, January, 12th, 2018

The Youth Economic Participation Initiative (YEPI) is a multi-year, multi-site demonstration grant program that supports youth entrepreneurship education at civically engaged universities in the global south.  The eight participating YEPI partner programs are working with students at 14 universities in 12 countries.

Access Care Clinic in Cameroon

Wednesday, December, 6th, 2017 News

Prof. Thomas Schrader and Team from the Department of Informatics and Media at Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany were at Access Care Clinic to train the staff on the use of NEVITA (Formally mTirage) in community healthcare interventions in Buea, Cameroon. Access Care Clinic was founded with support from the grant from the Mastercard… Read More

TNLC 2017 Reflection and Conference Report

Tuesday, October, 10th, 2017 News

The 2017 Talloires Network Leaders Conference was a more than a community engagement conference. Normally separated by borders and language, conference-goers, volunteers, student ambassadors and the conference staff interacted as friends and family — a family bound by more than the work they do. A family bound by a core set of values that are… Read More

Talloires Network Newsletter: May 2017

Monday, July, 24th, 2017 News

Talloires Network Newsletter Tufts University || Medford, Massachusetts, USA || March 20, 2017 Dear colleagues, Talloires Network member universities continue to work with communities worldwide to ensure education and community engagement are used as effective tools for social benefit. We are pleased to announce we have now grown to twelve “Engaged Members” of the Talloires… Read More