The Youth Economic Participation Initiative

YEPI is designed to catalyze change in the way universities across the globe prepare their students for economic life after graduation.

Across the world universities are struggling to provide increasingly large numbers of students with the academic knowledge and practical skills they will need to thrive in an ever more demanding and globalized workforce. Traditional pedagogies often no longer sufficiently prepare students to meet the expectations of employers or the rigorous demands of an entrepreneurial career. Among the 300+ engaged universities in the Talloires Network, universities are employing a wide variety of strategies to circumvent the limitations of the traditional approach and to prepare students for the 21st century economy.

The Talloires Network has chosen eight of these universities – outstanding programs at Talloires Network universities on four continents – to receive YEPI demonstration grants. Each grant covers a period of three years and allows the recipient university program to deepen their impact, expand their work, and invest more resources into learning and measurement. These are the universities:

The Talloires Network is pleased to collaborate with the University of Minnesota (UMN) in an effort to bring the learning, knowledge and key strategies from each of the demonstration grant institutions to a wider audience. The UMN team will work together with the demonstration grant programs to study the effectiveness of program strategies, discover the ingredients for creating sustainable institutional change. Analysis and reports from this study will be shared frequently throughout the demonstration grant implementation period.

The Talloires Network is also in the early stages of planning a professional community of practice around the questions embedded in YEPI, most significantly:  How can universities better prepare their students to become successful participants in the economy? This online community will be a place for those working (or studying) in universities around the world to share strategies, knowledge, trainings, questions and resources to advance their efforts to change the way their own universities educate students. Please check back here for updates on the community of practice, or send us an email at if you’d like to be notified by email when activities start to roll out.