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Program overview:

The program curriculum includes the knowledge and wisdom of the Elders and key leaders, respectfully at the centre of the teaching and learning program. The course continues through the responsive relationships between the Elders and CSU that enables the course community to continue to reflexively shape and refine the course.

“Indigenous language program wins international recognition”

The goals of the program include:
Culturally centred and responsive space for Wiradjuri to live and learn.To create a space for Wiradjuri education, based on a culture centred Wiradjuri priorities such as language and culture, which would otherwise struggle to be recognised in the university institutional context that would not otherwise form a cultural match. The aim has been to utilise the university’s knowledge, skills and resources to ensure a cultural responsive and safe place for Wiradjuri to shape futures of their own design.

Revitalise Wiradjuri culture, heritage and identity. This course aims to support Wiradjuri and non-Wiradjuri to embody Wiradjuri values and ways of living, recognising and gathering cultural knowledge from tradition, interpreting and valuing on-going Wiradjuri experience since colonialization, and creating vibrant future for generations yet to come.

Rebuilding the Nation by Rebuilding a Nations identity-Revitalise Wiradjuri Language. Deep Wiradjuri cultural concepts are embedded within the language. Revitalising Wiradjuri language and creating a living community of language speakers is central to the program. Wiradjuri language is making new meanings, transforming lives and reconnecting people and Country.