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The UBANEX Program is the third-place prize winner of the 2022 MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship. The program was created in 2004, in response to the need for an adequate reference framework for university extension activities carried out at the University of Buenos Aires, defining University Extension as a communicational, educational, cultural and scientific process that articulates teaching and research, and makes possible a transformative relationship between university and society. The University, through university extension and in connection with teaching and research, makes its knowledge available in order to contribute to improving the quality of life of the members of its society.

Through the program, a policy scheme was developed that promotes, values, and disseminates the link between the university and the community, creating new knowledge spaces to contain the complexity of the demands of the social environment, assuming the responsibility to interpret, participate, and provide responses in a field of excellence.

The program aims to stimulate social intervention with pre-designed devices, in dialogue with community social actors in the territory and area of ​​influence of the University. These interventions are distinguished by being actions that benefit the target populations and accompany the design, articulation and reformulation of public-social policies with various state and private entities, and that, in all cases, train students guided by teaching teams.

The University Extension and Student Welfare Secretary of the University of Buenos Aires is infinitely grateful for the award given to our Program. This prioritizes and strengthens us to continue growing and encourages our students and teachers to continue along this path, trying to grow every day in order to contribute to improving the well-being of our society.” – Galli Gustavo J.

It is an honor to receive this distinction, from our team of teachers and students we are fully grateful, this gives us strength to continue serving the community more and better every day.” – Carlos Capuano


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