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Birzeit University (BZU) is a public university located in the town of Birzeit near Ramallah, Palestine. BZU is among the foremost tertiary educational institutes in the Palestinian territories. BZU was originally founded as a girls’ school in 1924, became a coeducational secondary school in 1930. It gradually transitioned into an institution of higher education, and became Birzeit University in 1975. BZU now enrolls about 9,000 students across seven faculties. Visit Birzeit University’s website>>

Office of Community Outreach

BZU Community Work ProgramThe Office of Community Outreach at BZU is placed under the authority of the Vice President for Community Affairs. The Office monitors the work of BZU institutes and community centers that were established in response to specific needs within the Palestinian community, with a mission to expand scientific and social frontiers in these areas. These research centers and community-oriented programs are active participants in studying, developing, formulating, and planning important Palestinian policies that impact soci. This is achieved through training, workshops, professional skills development, and graduate studies. These Institutes and Centers facilitate community discussions on pertinent topics in their specific fields, offering consultancies and conducting applied research, which are instrumental in the overall development of the Palestinian society. BZU is committed to identifying its community’s social, cultural, economical and political challenges, and addressing them through applied research, data analysis and documentation. Learn more>>

Institute of Community & Public Health

BZU ICPHThe Institute of Community and Public Health (ICPH) was first established in 1978, and has since been upgraded and made a formal Institute of BZU. ICPH aims to contribute to the protection and improvement of the health of the Palestinian population through research, teaching the MPH and Diploma programs, and the capacity building of public health providers and planners. The ICPH has five units, focusing on: Children’s Health, Epidemiology, Health Systems Management, Mental Health, and Women’s Health. The Institute has formed excellent working links and relationships with various government ministries, in addition to a variety of local and international non-governmental organizations such as UNRWA health care services. Learn more>>

Center for Development Studies

BZU CDSThe Birzeit University Center for Development Studies (CDS) was established in 1997 as a research program specializing in development studies. It aims to deepen understanding of the development process in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in view of the domestic and international challenges it faces. The Center for Development Studies seeks to provide an institutional framework within which all development-related issues can be considered, researched and discussed with a view of providing practical guidance and assistance to the relevant decision makers. The Centre coordinates a number of academic research projects in the area of development with local and international institutions. It is also involved in community based projects that seek to empower marginalized groups and integrate them in the development process. Learn more>>