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Cyprus West University (CWU) is a private non-profit university located in Famagusta, North Cyprus. Established in 2015, CWU is among the fastest growing universities in the country. The university currently comprise of 5 faculties, 3 schools and 1 institution. CWU is dedicated to educating and nurturing global citizen leaders in an atmosphere marked by excellence and student achievement. CWU is committed to creating exceptional educational experiences focused on developing confident individuals exuding entrepreneurial, problem solving, leadership and remarkable interpersonal skills.

CWU identify themselves as leaders in higher education, hence it endeavors to be a global example for accessible learner-centered institutions that support student achievement through creative, excellent teaching and quality innovative education. The primary objective is to nurture and mature highly productive individuals capable to effect significant developmental changes in global communities. CWU provide faculties that support educational programs to develop multi-talented skills

Guided by working principles of excellence, creativity, innovation, integrity, openness, respect and accountability, CWU’s mission is to enhance students’ knowledge through provision of professional high quality academic programs and creation of supportive educational environments that promote innovation, free exchange of ideas and creativity.

Philosophy & Objectives

CWU’s broad goal is to ensure that its students are properly educated and productive, capable of engaging in and understanding the dynamics of the twenty-first century. Therefore, the University strives to provide constructive educational environment that promotes free and responsible research into the nature, sources, and implications of human knowledge and culture, as well as to encourage students to pursue their own intellectual, social, and personal growth.

The faculties in the University help students achieve this goal by assisting them in their learning and establishing a dialogue with them.  CWU fully supports the concept of a well-educated society and defends the academic freedom of its teachers and students, believing that the community's best interests are served when the search for advancements is creative and robust.

The University has a liberal admissions policy designed to assist highly motivated students in overcoming various obstacles in their academic preparation. CWU’s degree symbolizes a level of success that is recognized across the country due to its high academic standards.

The University takes equal interest by not only preparing the students but the instructors as well. Recognizing the value of capable teachers in a dynamic society, it requires exceptional academic achievement from teacher candidates and provides them with good professional training.

The University, which draws many students from all points on the globe, appreciates the passionate support it receives. In exchange, it actively participates in community projects, shares its programs and facilities with the public, and serves as a center of knowledge and culture for the community.

Core Values

In all our operations, we will be guided by the following working principles

Excellence:  We strive to serve our scholars community by delivering excellent, high quality, creative, innovative, consistent and efficient teaching services and programs.

Dedication: To distinctive work ethics and commitment to educational excellence

Inclusion: Nurturing an inclusive learning environment and working community

Collaboration:  To create new fields of inquiry, focus on internal and external partnerships and work toward common goals with reputable universities.

Creativity: Open to new ideas and willingness to take risks and adopt entrepreneurial mind

Innovation:  To create an environment offering opportunity for growth, creativity, and development of new ideas.

Accountability:  University resources

Integrity: Honest fair and ethical work conducts. We commit to creating a culture of trust and transparency in everything that we do.

Respect:  Exemplify professionalism in all interactions, exude openness, and embrace diversity and civilly treating other in our conduct.