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Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education (DIHE) was set up in the year 2003 by Dadabhoy Foundation. The institute received its charter from the Government of Sindh in 2003. It has been recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and ranked as “W” (A) category educational institution.

Since its establishment, the Institute has imparted high quality education at undergraduate and graduate levels. Over the years, DIHE has been able to carve out a significant niche for itself amongst institutes of higher learning in Pakistan. It has introduced a number of programs for M.Phil and PhD studies in the Faculties of Science, Law, Education, Computer Science and Business Administration. Attempts have been made to set high standards of research by introducing national and international levels courses delivered by foreign qualified faculties. The rules and regulations for the award of degrees as set out by HEC have been implemented after the approval of competent Regulatory Bodies of the Institute. Research articles produced by the students and the faculty members of DIHE have been published in International, refereed journals.

Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education is committed to become one of the leading centers of Higher Education in Pakistan while serving the intellectual, cultural, social, environmental and economic needs of the country. As a result DIHE will cause human development through its educational programs, research initiatives and outreach efforts.

DIHE is devoted to discovering, disseminating and applying knowledge for the advancement of the Pakistani Society in the perspective of global changes. DIHE identifies and attracts undergraduate and graduate students of high potential, especially those who have been historically under-represented because of limited financial resources. Through commitment to excellence in teaching and educational services, DIHE prepares students for lifelong learning and for constructive participation in the community.

Service to Society
Community service and giving back to the nation is part of life at DIHE.

Over the years DIHE has collaborated with many healthcare and government as well as non-governmental organizations providing free basic healthcare services, holding awareness sessions about energy conservation, personal hygiene etc. The students undergo min 1 credit hour compulsory community service course during their stay at DIHE. DIHE has signed MOUs with around 38 such organizations.

Students are required to spend time in the field, identify a problem, and work individually or in teams to find solutions to the local problems.
Holding blood donation campaigns, Thalaisemia awareness workshops, skills based training to the women of hard hit areas, donating water pumps and ration to the displaced people during disasters are some of the work we do to help the community.contr
Recently, MPhil and PhD group from the Clinical Microbiology and Immunology department carried out a research project on diseases transmitted to milkmen from unclean udders if buffaloes, and from them to the consumers.  Free vaccination campaign is carried out by students of department of Epidemiology and Public Health for hepatitis B and C vaccine injections.
Another aspect of community service at DIHEis commitment to providing quality education to all at an affordable cost. No student is denied admission to DIHE if they cannot afford it. Scholarships — merit and need based –have helped many students belonging to low or middle income segment of the society. After their graduation these young boys and girls go on to contributing and conscientious citizens of the society