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Humanity in Focus - HKUAfter taking part in the “Project Social Equity and Equality,” a one-month volunteering service trip in Cambodia, in the summer of 2006, students from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) wanted to bring the spirit of service back to the university. With the inspiration of their service project leading the way, five students started Humanity in Focus (HIF), a program dedicated to serving developing communities.

The founders of Humanity in Focus ask students of the University of Hong Kong “If not now, when? If not us, who?” Their vision is to become the foremost youth platform in Hong Kong where young leaders are nurtured to become global advocates and dedicate themselves to serve and empower children in developing communities to escape from the poverty cycle. The founders were so dedicated to this work that they started the first youth-initiated and managed NGO in Hong Kong. Because of their determination to make an impact, the group of five original members became a collaboration of youth from various universities, secondary schools, and young professionals from diverse fields.

Humanity in Focus calls upon youth participants to “Dream Wild, Act Now!” The organization empowers students to serve their communities without limitation and to take a leading role in society today. HIF embraces the idea of students making their dreams of service possible. Thus, it has established its core values as the following:

  • Dedication to the underprivileged
  • Respect for cultures and values
  • Empowerment of youth through education
  • Actions as young global citizens
  • Manifest professionalism and commitment
  • Sustainable development

Some of the projects taken on by students of Humanity in Focus include working with local community leaders to produce development projects that provide low-income families with necessary materials, social support and skills. Students have also organized education efforts through the Young Global Citizenship Programme (YGCP). This event trains and empowers university students to become advocates for change via research, training and frontline services.

By empowering youth of developing nations to reach their fullest potential, educating children about global poverty and issues of inequality, and exchanging experiences among peers, HIF has been able to reduce the gap between the “have and have-nots” and provide a brighter future for youth from all corners of the world. Visit the Humanity in Focus website>>