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The International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) was established on 20 May 1983 by the Government of Malaysia. The philosophy of IIUM was inspired by the outcomes of the 1977 First Conference on Muslim Education in Makkah. IIUM integrates Islamic values and world-view into its humanities, scientific and technical curricula, befitting its university slogan ‘the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue’. This is reflected in IIUM educational philosophy and its logo. IIUM aspires to restore the roles of Muslims in education and knowledge creation and acquisition and to contribute to the improvement of quality of life for all mankind. In addition to academic excellence, IIUM ensures that the students are trained to be responsible, imbued with good ethics, high moral values and professionalism, lifelong learning, managerial and entrepreneurial skills as well as leadership qualities. IIUM gives great emphasis on good character as part of education process of its students.

IIUM has several campuses spread across several states of Malaysia, each providing different fields of studies. The Gombak campus in Kuala Lumpur houses the university’s administration as well as the Kulliyyah (faculties), Centre for Language and Pre-University Academic Development and IIUM Academy. The campus offers a complete range of facilities including on-campus housing, a mosque, two-state-of-the-art sports complexes with Olympic-size swimming pools, a fully equipped library with than two million printed and digital materials supported by online databases, a medical clinic, convenience stores, a post office and three Malaysian commercial banks. The other campuses are located in Kuantan, Kuala Lumpur, Gambang and Pagoh. The Kuantan campus is nestled within a valley surrounded by lush greenery. The Kuala Lumpur campus at Persiaran Duta houses the International Institute of Islamic Civilization (ISTAC). The Centre for Foundation Studies is located in Gambang. To date IIUM has 105,142 alumni from all over the world.



The Office of the Deputy Rector (Student Development and Community Engagement) has an important role of assisting students in their personal and professional development in accordance with the University’s Philosophy and Objectives. Its main aim is to provide students with enriching transformative experience which combines a balance of academic education and opportunities for experiential learning. Students are engaged in meaningful holistic development of their intellectual, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual being to bring about social change and sustainable positive impact on the community. These abilities are vitally important for success in cultivating and transforming students into community leaders, dedicated to social action. We create challenges and provide support to students so that they have the opportunity to exudes their talents and abilities to build a culture of service for the university.

The office also provides assistance to students by offering scholarships under each of its divisions to encourage excellence in commitment and contribution towards their social responsibility. The list of scholarship include the Ihsan scholarship under the Student Affairs and Development Division, Khair Scholarship under the Centre for Community Engagement and Services, Al-Khirijin Scholarship under the Alumni Division, IWON Champion Scholarship under the Debate and Oratory Division, IIUM Young Entrepreneurship Scholarship under the Entrepreneurship Development Center, IIUM Sport Excellent Scholarship under the Sports Development, IIUM Ibnu Ummi Maktum scholarship under the Disability Services Unit and the Fly High Scholarship under the Counseling and career Services Center.

With strong dedication from all the offices under the purview of ODRSDCE, we have received an array of outstanding excellence global awards and recognitions from international bodies such as the United Nation University for social community service and sustainability activities within the campus grounds as well as reaching out to communities outside the university. Our strong achievements in inculcating the spirit of volunteerism amongst the students have been recognized as being an impactful effort on a global standard. We strongly believe in appreciating and rewarding our students as it will inspire them to accelerate further and along the way attract other students to work harder. As the world moves into the new normal landscape, we will strive to embrace new idea and engagements to produce graduates with holistic traits and personalities and resilience to meet with the ever-challenging demands and opportunities.




International Islamic University Malaysia has a strong tradition of volunteerism serving the surrounding community. It is in line with the University’s theme as the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue where knowledge is to be translated into actions for the benefits of mankind. In March 1995, the IIUM Management established the Centre for Community Service and Continuing Education supervised by the Office of the Rector. Its main objective was to institutionalize community engagement as the University’s contribution to the sustainable development of the surrounding community and the world at large. The acronym CENSERVE was introduced in 1996.

CENSERVE was created as a platform for staff and students to plan activities for the community. Every year hundreds of students register as CENSERVE volunteers under various clubs and project teams. The staff participate as club advisors, trainers and invited speakers during talks. CENSERVE has produced thousands of students with skills on volunteerism, humanitarian work and project management. Through CENSERVE activities, students understand that IIUM graduates shall not only be well versed in his or her field of study but even more so; they shall also be socially responsible and have a strong desire to improve the lives of the ummah and humankind. They are given the empowerment to plan, and implement community service projects guided by CENSERVE officials.



Leading the Whole Community Transformation through Spirituality and Sejahtera. RCE Greater Gombak aims to transform and empower the community towards sustainable development at all levels of community in line with the spirit of “leaving-no-one-behind” in upholding equity, ethics, and justice. Taking pride in the diversity of faith-based community as well as the strength in the indigenous settlement in the Gombak are, the RCE paved the way in the role of spirituality and indigenous knowledge through ESD. That means greater participation over a much larger and diverse population base. RCE Greater Gombak is also keen to rejuvenate and mainstream Sejahtera – a local concept of sustainable living as one of the main desired outcome of the RCE. The effort Integrates well with the contribution of spirituality and indigenous value in transforming the whole community.



International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) has embarked on a journey of making change and creating impact for sustainability through its Whole Institution Transformation (WIT) with the strategic mission of humanising education through Sustainable Development Goals and Maqasid Shariah (Basic Human Needs of Existence) since 2018.

Institutional change for sustainability requires a well-designed and effectively coordinated initiative especially for a university with a 30 000 community.  With the determination to make a difference in the education process, after Covid-19 pandemic, the top management of the university decided to establish a new centre that will champion the transition and transformation process towards sustainable development and mainstream the agenda to the whole IIUM community – Sejahtera Centre for Sustainability and Humanity (SC4SH).

The Centre was established on 25th February 2019 and deliberately put under the purview of Office of Executive Director Development and Planning – a strategic position to influence change and making impact towards sustainability by integrating both physical and human development aspects of the university.