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 Engaging Spaces

We have created violent places for suffering,
where many voices are excluded;
practicing conformity of thought…conformity of deed.

Places that polarize and divide us,
where we doubt each other’s motives and ways,
accepting false boundaries and limitations.

Places that generate waves of unrest,
where we lose our footing and faith;
Retreating from ideals of agency and cooperation.

Places that diminish our imaginations,
where we abuse power and destroy hope;
seeking dominance over the other.

We need engaging spaces to move through,
where all are welcome;
practicing freedom of thought…freedom of deed.

Spaces that respond to our ever-changing needs,
where we grow, endure, and thrive;
imagining and achieving limitless possibilities.

Spaces to struggle and learn together,
where we explore and discover beauty;
inventing new opportunities for prosperity.

Spaces that nourish our aspirations,
where we recreate systems of power;
seeking dignity and wellbeing for humanity

…again and again.