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Iqra University is a private university that was established in 1998 in Karachi, Pakistan.  Iqra University’s mission is “to be a world-class institution of higher education and research, promoting technical skills, critical thinking and public duty, to help develop a prosperous and progressive society.”  Among its community engagement projects are:

Earthquake Relief Efforts: In 2005 several hundred houses were built without any financial support from the government in the earthquake affected areas such as Balakot, Ghari Habibullah, Mansehra Jaba, etc.The houses design was based on an approved design by the United Nations.

Flood Relief Activities: Thousands of flood affected families across Pakistan specifically in Sindh Areas:   Shikarpur, jacobabad, dadu, thatta, tando adam  and Baluchistan Area: Nasirabad were relieved by medicine distribution costing Rs. 2,100,000 and commodities distribution costing Rs. 4,300,000.

Sweet Home Project: Boarding school for orphans is also one of the major step taken by Iqra University towards the community services. Kids live, play, get education all under one roof. All kinds of facilities are available for the kids. Volunteers are mostly the students of Iqra University.

Vocational Training Programs Under Watan Foundation: Trained approx. 3000 people in the area of Jacobabad and Shikarpur in Security Guard Training (450 people trained for SMS security service), Mobile Repairing (2000 students were trained which later opened mobile repairing shops in the area of Jacobabad and Shadatkot) and in Computer Repairing  (700 students have been trained regarding the hardware and software repairing of computer)

Business Incubator Center: Students who want to start their business and lack the initial financial investment have been provided with an adequate space along with the free resources for 6 months in Watan Foundation to start their business and make itself sustainable.   Currently, three companies, all social entrepreneurship projects, are utilizing the business incubator center.

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