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Australian Catholic UniversityJude Butcher
Director, Institute for Advancing Community Engagement
Professor of Community Engagement

Professor Jude Butcher, PhD, is the Director of the Institute for Advancing Community Engagement and Professor of Community Engagement at Australian Catholic University. Previously he was the Head of the School of Education and Head of the Department of Education at the University and its predecessor colleges for more than 30 years. Jude is also Board Chair of the Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education and Chair of the Management Committee for Edmund Rice Business Ethics Committee. He has been involved in Indigenous education for almost 20 years, in educational capacity building in East Timor for seven years and interfaith-intercultural programs for five years. Through his roles in these organizations and his membership of other boards and advisory committees Jude pursues his vision of transformative community engagement for the development of:
•    Intellectually, socially and morally engaged communities; and
•    Socially responsible professionals and leaders

Social justice, international development, community engagement, socially supported education, education and community engagement and teachers’ professional development particularly in the classroom management domain.

Years of relevant experience: +30 


Relevant Publications:
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Institute for Advancing Community Engagement

Srathfield, AustraliaIACE

IACE fosters joint University-community initiatives which serve the common good and contribute to the development of:

• intellectually, socially and morally engaged communities,
• socially responsible citizens, professionals and leaders, and
• value-based public policy and programs derived from the unique scholarship and learnings that arise from the university-community nexus.

The mission of the Australian Catholic University (ACU National) requires the university "to make a specific contribution to its local, national and international communities". Within this context, ACU National sees community engagement as:

• enhancing the dignity and wellbeing of people and communities;
• being based upon trusting relationships and genuine partnerships with community institutions and corporations for mutual benefit;
• a key vehicle for the University’s research and teaching and learning; and
• a central means for the University to honour its commitment to serving the common goods

The Institute for Advancing Community Engagement (IACE) has been established by ACU National to advance the development of mutually beneficial and sustainable University-community partnerships which enhance the dignity and well-being of people and communities.


Staff members: 13

Institute programs:
• Clemente Australia: community-embedded, socially supported university education for disadvantaged and homeless people
• Educational Capacity Building in East Timor and other developing nations
• Environmental sustainability

The three key themes that IACE focus on are:
• Beyond Disadvantage – reaching out to the disadvantaged and marginalised people in our society and those most in need
• Beyond Borders – participating in action for change beyond our national boundaries
• Beyond Differences – promoting community engagement enriched by inter-faith and inter-cultural understanding.



Contact Information:
Phone: +612 9701 4238
Fax: +612 9701 4096