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Juliet MillicanUniversity of Brighton

Student Learning Development Manager, Community University Partnership Programme


Juliet has worked extensively in adult learning, adult literacy and community development in non industrialized and emerging countries. For ten years she acted as a consultant and project manager for a UK based charity and ran Access to Higher Education programmes at a local college.

She joined the University of Brighton in 2001, initially to teach community development and reflective practice and to train undergraduates to work as mentors in local schools.  She took up her current role in Cupp in 2003. Here she is responsible for developing student community engagement across the curriculum in which students gain academic credit for research or practical work undertaken with community based organisations.

She has recently completed her doctoral studies through an Action Research project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here she looked at the role of Higher Education, particularly student community learning, in a society recovering from civil conflict.

Cupp is keen to continue some of this work through the launch of an International Help Desk at the University of Brighton. This will offer support to other universities in developing local engagement programmes that address issues of equality, marginalization and reconciliation.


Expertise: Student community engagement, curriculum development, and the potential of community-university partnerships in post conflict societies.


Years of Relevant Experience: 20 years experience in formal and non formal learning, c curriculum design and community development in England, Europe, Africa and Asia. 5 years experience of community university partnership work.


Relevant Publications:

Juliet Merrifield, Juliet Millican, Juliet McCaffrey. Developing Adult Literacy: Approaches to Planning, Implementing, and Delivering Literacy Initiatives. Oxfam Publishing, 2007. ISBN 0855985968, 9780855985967

Millican, Juliet (2008), “What can Student Community Engagement programmes contribute to the development of citizenship in a society recovering from conflict?” Proceedings of the 4th International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education, Vol. 5. The role of higher education in peace building and reconciliation processes. Barcelona: GUNI.

Millican, Juliet (2007) "Student Community Engagement – A model for the 21st century?"  Proceedings from the Global Citizens Conference at the University of Bournemouth, September 2007.

Millican, Juliet (2005) Opening Doors – "The contribution of the Community University Partnerships to community development and personal learning."  Paper for the Education for Sustainable Development conference at the University of Bournemouth September 2005. (For download here.)

Community University Partnership Programme

Brighton, UK

Mission: Cupp was founded in 2003 with the aim of tackling disadvantage and promoting sustainable development through partnership working.

We aim to support the University’s contribution to social inclusion, economic growth and quality of life, and to learn from our partnerships in order to improve the quality of education we provide to our learners.

Staff Size: 10

Overview of programs:

Cupp engages in a variety of projects focusing on two main themes:
•    Research: Community-based Research, evaluation and project development
•    Student Community Engagement: Student and teaching staff involvement in community projects embedded in accredited learning

We are also developing a model of student community research based on the European Science Shop initiative that we hope to launch in Cupp later this year.



Contact information
Telephone: (01273) 64 4155