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The Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP) is an institution of higher education in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Established in 1992 after Kazakhstan gained its independence, KIMEP is a private, nonprofit university offering credit-based, North American-style degree curricula. KIMEP currently offers fifteen degree programs, including undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Economics, Political Science, Public Administration and Journalism, and masters programs in Business Administration, Economics, Law, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. KIMEP also offers a doctoral program in Business Administration. The mission of KIMEP is to develop well-educated citizens and to improve the quality of life in Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region through teaching, learning, the advancement of knowledge in the fields of business administration and social sciences, and through community service. KIMEP’s website>>

Student service organizations at KIMEP

KIMEP buildingThere are a variety of youth organizations at KIMEP that engage in community service activities.  Karandesh is an organization that develops art skills of KIMEP Student through teaching and learning in the fields of art and community service. The KIMEP Society Protecting Animals works to humanely solve the problem of homeless animals. Finally, AIESEC is an organization that seeks to establish peace and fulfill humankind potential to provide leadership for positive impact on society. AIESEC facilitates international traineeship exchanges and supporting activities that provide practical learning experience and facilitates the learning of its members. Over the past year, AIESEC hosted its National Annual Conference with participating members from Russia, Belarus, Latvia and other countries.