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Université Saint-Joseph
Director, Lebanese School for Social Training (ELFS)
Professor of Social Work Studies

May HazazBiography:
May Hazaz has been the Director of the Lebanese School for Social Training (ELFS) at Universite Saint-Joseph since 1998 and has been with the University since 1979. She holds an MSW and a PhD in Social Work from the Université Laval in Quebec. Dr. Hazaz is a founding member of Chroniques Sociales, a French/English/Arabic journal on social work issues.  She has considerable experience with university civic engagement programs, most recently as coordinator of the Social Development Cell of l’opération 7ème jour (Operation 7th Day) at USJ.  Operation 7th Day is a university-wide program of civic engagement undertaken by USJ in response to the 2006 war in Lebanon.  The main objectives of the Social Development cell are ensuring socio-educational support to people living in a context of instability and providing teacher training and technical support to various organizations involved in social and humanitarian work.

Social work (history – theories – values, deontology – philosophy). Methodology of social and local development; war, women and empowerment; mediation for intercultural groups; social intervention in crisis and emergency situation; qualitative research; supervision and consultation (individual and institutional)

Relevant Papers and Publications:
HAZAZ, M., (2000). "The Process of Empowerment Initiated by Lebanese Displaced Women" in Gender Perspectives on Peace and Conflict Studies, Karami, K., and T. Tryggestad (Eds) NUPI, International Peace Research Institute, Oslo, Norway, pp. 41 – 56. (In English)

HAZAZ, M., (2003). "Social workers involved in peace in contexts of war and violence" in Chroniques Sociales, No. 19/20, Lebanese School for Social Training, USJ, Beirut – Lebanon, p. 461. (In French)
HAZAZ, M. and M., SAAD (2004). The University and Community Development: Unified Approach with a Diversity of Practices. Joint Publication of the Lebanese School for Social Training, USJ and the Coordination Center of Research (CCR) of the International Federation of Catholic universities (IFCU), Beirut, Lebanon.

HAZAZ, M., (2008) "Study of the Process of Empowerment in a Context of War: The Case of Lebanese Women" in Annals of Psychology – Psy-echo-Vol. 24 – FLSH – USJ, Beirut. (In French)

Contact information:
Telephone: 01 421 220 extension 2221