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National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) was established as a Federal Public Sector University through an Act of Parliament on 31st October 2015. The honorable President of Pakistan is the Chancellor of the University and the Chief of the Army Staff is the Pro-Chancellor.

NUMS was founded to promote and achieve excellence in advanced health education, research and service delivery. The university is backed up by an extensive network of 45 Military Hospitals, 12 Single Specialty Institutes, 10 Medical Colleges and 4 Nursing Colleges making it the country’s largest healthcare provider in terms of trajectory and patient volume.

The research-led institution provides opportunities to undergraduate and postgraduate education in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Allied Health and Veterinary Sciences with a necessary add-on the Social Sciences and Liberal Arts with a multidisciplinary faculty; aiming eventually to run university-led healthcare system in the country.

NUMS envisages to achieve set goals by adopting best international standards and practices in medical education, training, and research along with modernization of medical infrastructure, whereas the benefits will have broad based socio-economic impact within the country and beyond.

As it grows, NUMS has the potential to become a force multiplier by supporting other service providers in this field, developing partnerships with the several advanced national and international universities, industrial, governmental and community based stakeholders in consonance with national vision and plan to develop knowledge based economy.

NUMS Civic Engagement Activities
NUMS community service programs attract educational and skilled activities for students in various aspects. In this regard dedicated community services teams are made for the betterment of the society, as our society is our home, and charity begins at home. The objective behind this is to create awareness among people about important issues, to help the needy and poor and help people at times of natural calamities and all other sorts of disasters.The society comprises of OIC, Presidents, Vice Presidents and special coordinators working with a number of department directors, head rep and reps from every class. The teams are selected on the basis of CVs and interviews held by the presidents and OIC.

Many outreach programs in this regard included world health day celebrations, blood donations campaigns, eye donation, disaster response and recovery, participation of students in Polio & TB days, free tutoring and education, working for orphanages, special children and old homes and other community services. The details of these programs are as under.

Community Service Society (CSS): The CSS has a mission “ACSS-Reviving the super hero in you.The team is dedicated to work for the betterment of the society, for our society is our home, and charity begins at home with the objectives:
To create awareness among people about important issues.
To help the needy and poor.
To help people at times of natural calamities and all other sorts of disasters.

Charity hi-tea at Askari club: The Committee arranges charity activities on regular intervals; one of the activity this year included a Hi-Tea at Askari club on September 13th, 2015. All classes of NUMS Army Medical College were invited. Sole purpose of this hi tea was to raise funds for the society.

Road side Iftar: Community Service Society team were able to arrange a roadside Iftar for commuters and needy people. A large number of students showed up voluntarily to take part in the noble cause despite their hectic routine and busy schedules.

Ramadan ration distribution: Community Service Society started the charity work off with the distribution of food items (Ramzan package) on Jun 27, 2015. The items were procured and delivered to the deserving families.

Blood cancer awareness month: A visit to the paeds oncology ward was arranged by Community Service team. Students spent time with children suffering from blood cancer. Goody bags and medicines were distributed among children.

Global handwashing day: To celebrate and spend awareness of global handwashing day, members of Community Service team arranged an event. Students were made to realize the importance of clean hands and proper handwashing technique was taught.

World Diabetes Day: Community Service team went with an aim to help the diabetic patients. Medicines to the Non-titled and deserving patients were given.

Tribute to Martyrs of APS Peshawar: We will Never Forget You! A special dua was organized for the martyrs of APS Peshawar. A banner was also displayed and people were encouraged to write messages for the students of APS Peshawar. The banner carrying loads of love and prayers from our fellow students was later sent to the respective school.

NUMS Visual Rehabilitation Programme at AFIO: The Visual Rehabilitation Program being run at NUMS-Armed Forces Institute of Ophthalmology is a unique program aiming at making life near normal for the visually impaired. All efforts are being made to make it available for general public. Steps of visual rehabilitation include orientation and mobility training on daily living skills, Braille Training, Computer training with special software, Use of talking cellular phones & wrist watches, Psychiatric intervention, Vocational training and Recreational facilities.NUMS students take active part in conducting activities there to help visually impaired people learn to adapt to life after their loss.

Doctors, nurses, paramedics and students at NUMS all strive to be change makers in the Pakistani community. At NUMS-AFIT, all efforts are being made to promote the culture of organ donation starting from blood donation and hopefully registering donors for liver and heart transplantation keeping in view the demand of this culture to save human lives and believing in the Ayat of the Holy Quran that say ‘Saving one man in saving humanity’.

Students at the NUMS Constituent and Affiliated medical entities have been encouraged to donate blood by their teachers as well. The students of Community Service Society partners with AFIT and organizes Blood Donation Camps country-wide.

Hand Washing Campaign at Schools: NUMS students are known to link up with communities especially school children; making them learn how to keep healthy. One of such campaigns was initiated in the summers of 2016 when students visited local public schools and engaged students in a hand washing campaign.

Breast Cancer Awareness Programme: Programs that highlight growing health issues of Pakistan include Breast Cancer Awareness, which are part and parcel of students’ learning at NUMS institutes. Active participation of senior leadership helps students learn and internalize the ideas more effectively. Picture below shows active learning process on celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Week celebrated in NUMS institutes in 2017.