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National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Islamabad is committed to;

  1. Provide excellent, accessible and affordable learning environment to undergraduate, graduate and professional students and researchers in the pursuit of knowledge in areas of personal, professional and special interest, thereby preparing them for their educative and productive roles and responsibilities as Pakistani and global citizens
  2. To engage education that imagines learning is inextricably connected to social change, and promotes co-curricular spaces as active seats of learning
  3. To cultivate the practice of highest moral and ethical values and principles of trust and authenticity, integrity and ingeniousness, creativity and critical capacity as attitude, conviction and compassion necessary for exercising civic courage, taking risks and struggles, and establishing social relations as preparation for public discourse and public life
  4. Prepare and equip graduates for their futures in the world of work or furthering of education to make significant contributions in the development of Pakistani society and the global community.

University Community Interaction

NUML is committed towards its responsibilities as a cluster of learning, knowledge generation and moral values for community and especially the less privileged section of the community. NUML fee structure accommodates bright students who cannot afford costly higher education and provides mechanism through scholarships, Bait-ul-Mal and other financial support programs.

The university understands its civic role and provides opportunities to its staff, faculty members and students to contribute in activities which support the less privileged sections of the society through the humanitarian and monetary support. A distinct initiative of National Academy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Initiative) under ORIC to streamline university’s contributions has been taken. NUML has launched Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives under ORIC to promote NUMLIANS’ social contributions as said before.

Various activities that show university’s Role in Building Community are given below:

Awareness of Masses Regarding Social Causes

  1. Idea Marketing Competition – Students from Department of Management Sciences, performed different activities to create awareness among the masses regarding various issues of the society which somehow remain non-cognizant. The objective was to create a sense of responsibility among the youth and make them realize, how to perform their duties as conscience citizens. An event was organized on 19th December, 2013 at the Serena Hotel. This competition was the first of its kind where each group identified a social cause that is of great concern and designed and implementation a marketing plan to create awareness regarding the cause. These causes include; Stop Toy Guns, Patience, Plantation of Trees in Afghanistan, Stop Cyber Bullying, Consumer Rights awareness, Help Victims Instead of Filming, One Ummat One Body, Stop Smoking, Protest But Peacefully, Avoid Junk Food etc.
  2. NUML’s Grow Together Society. This is a dynamic society which is dedicated to provide educational equipment, patient welfare and livelihood. NUML Grow Together Society donated money and gifts to underprivileged Christian special young adults and children orphanage and a hospice but also took out time to celebrate Christmas with them. This society also organized six blood donation camps in collaboration with the Pakistan Red Crescent Society of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mall, Medicos Aid Society (RMC) and Jamila Sultan Foundation.

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