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NUR campus2

The National University of Rwanda is a state university founded in 1963. It was established by the Government of Rwanda together with Canadian missionaries, the Dominican Brothers of Quebec. NUR was established with a mission to provide higher education, conduct research and offer service to the community. It is the largest and only multidisciplinary university in Rwanda. NUR has registered a tremendous contribution to the post-genocide reconstruction of various sectors, including the judicial system, health, economics, governance, banking, agriculture and ICT. NUR’s home page>>

Community OutreachNUR outreach

NUR directly interacts with people in a number of outreach programmes. It carries out regular research projects aimed at bettering agriculture and farming in Rwanda. These research projects are undertaken in sites such as Rwasave through specialized programmes like Sustainable Partnership to Enhance Rural Enterprise and Agribusiness Development (SPREAD). In order to disseminate information for development, NUR has set up a University Extension which houses several services offered to local people. These include a community library and community theatre offered by the NUR Centre for Arts and Drama.

The Center for Conflict Management (CCM)

NUR CCMThe CCM mandate was developed from challenges raised in the post-genocide context. Its research interests include justice, human rights, governance, as well as the economic and social dimensions of conflict and reconstruction in Rwanda. CCM is both an answer to a research need to inspire policies, and an opportunity to generate native knowledge on the deep causes of conflicts, and potential strategies for the development of sustainable peace in Rwanda. CCM has organized a number of symposia, seminars, national workshops and international conferences. The Centre has also published many articles and books on conflict management and resolution. Learn more>>

Centre for Environment Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (NUR/CEESD)

CEESD seeks to facilitate the implementation of NUR mission by supporting the internal collaboration of faculties, Centres and Schools on one hand and support NUR collaboration with external stakeholders for an environmentally sound sustainable development. Learn more>>

The University League for AIDS Control (LUCS) (Ligue Universitaire de Lutte Contre le SIDA)

LUCS coordinates the activities of the fight against HIV/AIDS at the National University of Rwanda. Activities include:NUR LUCS

  • providing voluntary HIV/AIDS counselling and testing services for university students and staff
  • working with campus organizations to fight HIV/AIDS through outreach events, including cultural festivals, sports events, etc, where HIV/AIDS topics are presented
  • researching HIV/AIDS and working with national and international partners

Learn more>>

Legal Aid Clinic

The Legal Aid Clinic of NUR operates under the Faculty of Law for community service and as a training facility for law students. It assists the community in Southern Province and the nation at large by offering training, advisory and advocacy on legal related issues. Learn more>>

Radio Salus

Broadcasting from Butare twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, Radio Salus is the National University of Rwanda Radio Station supported by UNESCO. The station aims to serve the Rwandan population with quality programming and offer training to students that exposes them to both broadcasting and educational skills. Radio Salus acts as a link between the University and the Community by offering to listeners a variety of programs in the areas such as health, family issues, environment, human rights, justice, rule of law and many others. Learn more>>

Sustainable development to enhance Rural Enterprise and Agribusiness Development

Funded by USAID, Sustainable development to enhance Rural Enterprise and Agribusiness Development (SPREAD) is a partnership between the NUR, Texas A&M University, and the University of Michigan. The mandate of SPREAD is to assist Rwandan coffee producers in quality coffee production, marketing and transportation strategies. Learn more>>