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In May 2020, our Steering Committee voted to change our organizational name from the “Talloires Network” to the “Talloires Network of Engaged Universities.”

The Committee also selected Geoffrey Omangi, Mount Kenya University, as winner of the logo design competition. On our 15-year anniversary, we have officially adopted the new name and logo below.

According to Geoffrey, the image of the radiating dots represents two things: (1) the global network of universities and (2) light rays of hope and enlightenment among member institutions. The uppercase letters in red emphasize the original name of the network, while the blue letters describe the members and their collective mission.

Background: A full-membership survey in 2019 and conversations over the years prompted concern over the name “Talloires Network.” The name was thought to have distinctive weaknesses: it has no inherent meaning, does not convey the organization’s mission and values, can be difficult to pronounce, and can be confusing.

At the same time, key stakeholders have suggested that the name has distinctive strengths: it has equity and is associated with a positive reputation, has value to stakeholders, has special meaning to members who have signed the Declaration, and provides an opportunity to tell an exciting story about the Network’s origins.

The Secretariat recommended modifying the name to “Talloires Network of Engaged Universities” to maintain distinctiveness while also adding clarity about the network’s purpose.

Between January and April 2020, the Talloires Network Secretariat solicited applications from our member universities to participate in the Talloires Network Renaming Initiative Design Competition.

Applicants were asked to provide logo designs for two possible name options: “Global Network of Engaged Universities” and “Talloires Network of Engaged Universities.” They were also asked to provide a description of their design concept and to explain why the logo reflects the Talloires Network’s mission. Our original name and logo is depicted below.