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November 7, 2013 The Talloires Network Newsletter

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Christian Service University College, Kumasi (Ghana)

Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (Pakistan)

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The Talloires Network secretriat is located at Tufts University.

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Dr. Lorlene Hoyt

Director of Programs and Research

Jennifer Catalano

Director, Youth Economic Participation Initiative

Amy Newcomb Rowe

Program Manager, Youth Economic Participation Initiative

Rantimi Oluwasegun

Budget and Program Coordinator, Youth Economic Participation Initiative

Maureen Keegan

Program Coordinator

Edwin Nelson

Program Assistant, Youth Economic Participation Initiative
Steering Committee members

Mark Gearan (Chair)

President, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Janice Reid (Vice-Chair)

Vice-Chancellor, University of Western Sydney

Lisa Anderson

President, American University in Cairo

Scott Cowen

President, Tulane University

Sharifah Hapsah Shahabudin

Vice-Chancellor, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Shamsh Kassim-Lakha

Founding President, Aga Khan University

Anthony Monaco

President, Tufts University

Olive Mugenda

Vice-Chancellor, Kenyatta University

José María Sanz Martínez

Rector, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Jerome Slamat

Chairperson, South African Higher Education Community Engagement Forum

Rafael Velasco

Rector, Universidad Católica de Córdoba

John Wood

Secretary General, Association of Commonwealth Universities

Update from the Chair: President Mark GearanMark GearanIn this edition of the newsletter we proudly launch the expansion of the Civic Engagement Movement series.  In reflecting on the global movement of engaged universities that the Talloires Network supports — it is very clear that  leadership, both individual and collective, is essential to drive this effort forward.  While the Talloires Network is a coalition of institutions, the expansion of civic engagement and social responsibility at these institutions is guided and shaped by the collective energies of heads of higher education institutions, faculty, staff and community partners.  It is this combined leadership as well as the support provided by regional networks and organizations like the Talloires Network that is moving our respective institutions beyond the ivory tower.    I am very pleased that the Leaders in Civic Engagement Movement series is documenting and sharing the visions, strategies and accomplishments in such significant ways.  I am certain you will share my admiration for their passion for civic engagement and social responsibility.  We are all inspired by their work.

Leaders in the Civic Engagement Movement Series

November 2013 Leaders in the Civic Engagement Movement: Mexico

Co-edited by Lorlene Hoyt and Amy Newcomb Rowe

November signals the launch of the expanded Leaders in the Civic Engagement Movement series. This edition begins with a brief introduction to Mexico and two of its engaged universities: Tecnológico de Monterrey and Universidad Veracruzana. Next, we feature interviews with Rector David Noel Ramirez-Padilla and Program Director Ernesto Benavides Ornelas of Tecnológico de Monterrey University as well as Clíona Maher, Coordinator of International Cooperation, Universidad Veracruzana. Learn More>>


2014 MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship

The nomination form for the 2014 MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship is now available! Nominations will be accepted until Friday, January 24, 2014. Visit the MacJannet section of our website to download an application form, see the timeline for the 2013 nomination and selection process and view the profiles of previous winners.

Olive Mugenda Named Chair of ACU Council

The Secretariat is pleased to share that TN Steering Committee Member Olive Mugenda, Vice-Chancellor of Kenyatta University, was announced as the new Chair of the ACU Council. She will serve a three-year term alongside Vice-Chair Jan Thomas, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Southern Queensland. Learn More>>

Steering Committee Nominations

The Talloires Network Secretariat is now soliciting nominees for election to 3 positions on the Talloires Network Steering Committee that will become open at the end of the calendar. According to the TN governance policy, two of the three nominees must be leaders of national, regional or global networks of higher education institutions. The third must be a current or former head of a higher education institution or a senior leader from another sector. Please send your suggestions by November 15 to Maureen Keegan, TN Program Coordinator at Learn More>>

Talloires Network News

2014 University-Industry Interaction Conference Call for Abstracts

The University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) and the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP) are now accepting abstracts for the 2014 University-Industry Interaction Conference: Challenges and Solutions for Fostering Entrepreneurial Universities and Collaborative Innovation. Submissions will be accepted until December 2, 2013. The conference will be held from April 23 – 25, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. Learn More>>

Time for a Global Movement for Higher Education Access

A new global movement dedicated to ensuring that the expansion of participation in higher education over the next 20 years will lead to an increase, not a reduction, in equality, was launched at the European Access Network World Congress on Access to Post-Secondary Education, held in Montreal from October 7-10, 2013. In an article for University World News, Graeme Atherton writes about the role of the World Congress in this movement. Learn More>>

ACU Launches New Campaign Promoting Higher Education’s Contribution to Global Challenges

future-forwardAt the Association of Commonwealth Universities’ (ACU) Centenary Conference, held October 16 – 18, 2013, a new campaign to raise awareness of how higher education can and should respond to global challenges beyond 2015 was launched, entitled “The World Beyond 2014 – Is Higher Education Ready?”. The campaign will explore higher education’s contribution to global development challenges ahead of the Millennium Development Goals expiring in 2015. Learn More>>

Fellows Initiative Taps Diaspora to Support African HE

In an article for University World News, Karen MacGregor highlights a new scholar exchange initiative that will offer 100 fellowships to African-born academics living in North America. The fellowships, supported by the Carnegie Corporation, will support them to work in and forge research partnerships with African universities to “turn the continent’s ‘brain drain’ into ‘brain gain’.” Learn More>>

10th International Service-Learning Week

CLAYSSThe Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario (CLAYSS) hosted the 10th International Service-Learning Week with 510 participants from Latin America, the United States, Europe and Africa. The week included the 16th International Service-Learning Conference, a meeting for the Iberian-American Network, site visits to institutions developing service-learning projects and a meeting of schools participating in CLAYSS’ Support Program. Learn More>>

New Initiative Links Universities With Economy

Wagdy Sawahel, in an article for University World News, writes about plans to set up innovation centers of mixed research groups from higher education institutions, science and technology centers and the industrial, economic and social sectors in an effort to boost the role of research in developing a knowledge-based economy in Algeria. Learn More>>

Papers and Publications

Universities for a New World: Making a Global Network in International Higher Education, 1913-2013

Ed. by Deryck M. Schreuder

55866_9788132113393wUniversities for a New World takes the Centenary of the ‘Association of Commonwealth Universities’ (ACU) as its point of departure in exploring what a 2009 ‘United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’ (UNESCO) Report has evocatively termed an ‘academic revolution’ in modern higher education. The book succinctly explores the rise of the ACU as the world’s oldest network of universities, before focusing primarily on that protean ‘revolution’ in higher education provision – with a particular sampling of the diverse Commonwealth experience across the globe. Learn More>>

The Question of Conscience: Higher Education and Personal Responsibility

by David Watson

question_of_conscienceWith about three million students following courses outside their own country and far more using the internet, universities have become major players in the expansion of imaginations. This book shows that small groups are already experimenting around the world, trying out new methods, new programs and new collaborations. Learn More>>

Beyond the Campus: Building a Sustainable University-Community Partnership

By Debra Harkins

beyondcampusThis book explores how we approached the issue of community development in the context of competing interests and a differential power imbalance. We used a process-based model for supporting community transformation, a phenomenon in which university–community partnership is but one example. Learn More>>

Deepening Community Engagement in Higher Education: Forging New Pathways

Edited by Ariane Hoy and Mathew Johnson

9781137319913Deepening Community Engagement in Higher Education demonstrates how colleges and universities can enhance the engagement of students, faculty, and institutional resources in their communities. This volume features strategies to make this work deep, pervasive, integrated, and developmental, qualities recognized by the Carnegie Classification guidelines and others in higher education as best practices. Learn More>>

Engaged Scholarship: The Politics of Engagement and Disengagement

Edited by Lynette Shultz and Tania Kajner

1655_222_167As a counterweight to the dominance of pragmatic and technical discussions in the literature on engaged scholarship, the chapters in this book shift the discourse to ask foundational questions that emphasize the political nature of engagement. Recognizing that acts of engagement are never neutral, the authors in this book explore how engaged scholarship requires decision-making that is inherently grounded in values, beliefs, and interpretations of what is and what ought to be. Learn More>>

Upcoming Events

For a complete list of upcoming events, visit our website>>

University-Community Engagement Conference 2013. Towards the Transformation of Higher Education on University Community Engagement. Malaysia. 11 – 13 November 2013.

uye31Conferences like this come at a critical time as global society faces significant challenges requiring the concerted efforts and commitments of experts, organizations and businesses across the world to address. In a rapidly globalizing world, all of us have a vested interest in initiating dialogues to address these common challenges. This conference aims to identify common issues and questions, and to chart a way forward for our collective efforts to make a difference in the communities and lives across the region.Learn more>>

2013 Pascal Conference: Local Communities in the Sustainable and Healthy Learning City Neighborhood and Community, Partnership and Learning.  Hong Kong.  18-20 November 2013.

pascal_logo-frontThis first PASCAL Conference to be held in Asia draws on the PASCAL International Exchanges Project, PIE, to examine the direction, capacity and governance of cities. It is planned in partnership with the host Hong Kong Institute of Education and RMIT’s European Union Centre, with regional bodies such as ACUPEN, ASPBAE and EAFEA. Other partners include the Hong Kong UNEVOC Centre.  The Conference will focus on present and future action, mainly within neighbourhood communities and in cities. Exploring how good practices can be adopted and adapted between different regions, cultures and traditions represents a crucial opportunity. This will be tested by the Conference and its aftermath. Learn More>>

5th International Symposium on Service-Learning (ISSL): Service Learning Across the Globe: From Local to Transnational. Stellenbosch University. Stellenbosch, South Africa. 20-22 November 2013.

The 5th International Symposium on Service-Learning continues to build on the momentum generated by past symposia.  The 5th symposium aims to increase the scientific contribution to service-learning as a pedagogical tool that enhances local and global citizenship and scholarship of engagement; strengthen north-south and south-south relations by providing an opportunity for institutions to build their own capacity for service-learning; and enhance global participation through both theoretical and applied service learning in higher education. Learn More>>

The 1st AOU International Conference on Open Learning: Role, Challenges, and Aspirations. The Arab Open University. Kuwait. 25 – 27 November 2013.

This international Conference on open and blended learning will bring together a range of academics, researchers, practitioners, and decision makers from different countries and institutions. The conference will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the new trends in open learning and technology and solutions to the challenges of open learning. The papers will be presented in Arabic and in English (instant translation will be available). Learn More>>

Engage 2013. The Bristol Hotel. Bristol, UK. 27 – 28 November 2013.logoThe National Co-ordianting Centre for Public Engagement is hosting its annual Engage conference on November 27 and 28, 2013. This conference will explore the many ways universities and their partners choose to engage together, and the agendas these partnerships serve. It will provide an opportunity for open dialogue between the HE community, policy makers and funders, and the organisations working with them. Learn More>> 

Seventh Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning (PCF7). Abuja. Nigeria. 2 – 6 December 2013.The Commonwealth of Learning will host this event in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Education and the National Open University of Nigeria. The Forum will address “Open Learning for Development: Towards Empowerment and Transformation” through five themes: “Girls’ and Women’s Education”, “Skills Development”, “Promoting Open Educational Resources (OER)”, “Innovation and Technology” and “Institutional Development.” Learn More>>