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Politecnico di Milano was founded in 1863 and is the largest technical university in Italy. As a scientific-technological institution it trains high-profile engineers, architects and industrial designers, while also investing in a fruitful relationship with the productive world, by means of experimental research and technological transfer. A tight link between research and didactics, together with a constant focus on quality and innovation have allowed Politecnico to achieve a high position in international rankings, ensure successful work placement levels and establish strategic alliances with businesses and the public sector. Politecnico di Milano’s website>>

Social Responsibility and the Polisocial Programme

Besides its mainstream commitments, during the last decade Politecnico di Milano has made a significant effort to intensify its civic role and social responsibility, through a stronger engagement with its surrounding communities as well as in the field of development cooperation. These undertakings include research, teaching, public engagement, science and culture communication and are partly represented by the Polisocial programme, first of its kind in Italy. Polisocial focuses on human and social development, providing a fundamental opportunity for students, staff and citizens to develop new skills, values and a responsible attitude, especially through university-community mutual learning. learn more>>

Polisocial Award

The Polisocial Award is an annual competition endorsing multidisciplinary, engaged and collaborative research with a high social impact. Over 60 projects have been financed between 2012 and 2023, thanks to donations by Italian taxpayers. Projects are mostly partnership-based and have involved nearly 400 external stakeholders so far, including public and international bodies, universities, hospitals, NGOs and schools. Apart from researchers and other participants, the initiative represents an opportunity for students as well, who can express an active citizenship in several fields. Both Italian and international contexts are concerned, including developing countries. More generally, Politecnico di Milano embraces the UN 2030 Agenda principles and, in the 2010-2020 period, it has launched over 100 cooperation projects, developed in 60 countries. learn more>>

Off Campus

Off Campus is a fast-growing initiative intended to strengthen the presence of Politecnico inside the city of Milan, following a multiple principle of public responsibility, openness, social awareness and engagement of the university as a central player in the democratic process. Since 2019, four Off Campus hubs have been activated: OC San Siro, based in a multi-ethnic neighbourhood, where action-oriented and embedded learning, engaged research, co-designing with local stakeholders and public service are carried out, in an impact-oriented perspective; OC Nolo, located within a historical marketplace and tightly connected with a network of local associations; OC San Vittore in the main detention center of Milan, where action research activities aimed at reducing the prison-city gap are carried out; OC Cascina Nosedo, located on the border between city and countryside, where circular economy practices are tested in the field. learn more>>