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Ruslan M. Rahimov
PhD, Associate Professor, Anthropology Program
American University of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan)

My experience of working with Tony as the Steering Committee Chair for Talloires Network of Engaged Universities in the context of my research project on Gender Equality in Public Arts has been incredibly valuable. His leadership has been instrumental in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for members of all backgrounds, particularly for those from underrepresented groups. One specific moment that stands out to me was during a Network event where Tony actively sought out and engaged in conversation with members who may have felt marginalized. His efforts to uplift and amplify diverse voices truly made a positive impact on the community. Additionally, the programs offered by the Network under his leadership have been incredibly beneficial to my colleagues and me. They provided opportunities for professional development and community building that have been essential to our work in the field of Gender Equality in Arts. Overall, I am incredibly grateful for the guidance and support Tony has provided during my time in the Network.

The value of having a peer-to-peer mentorship and community practice approach within the Gender Equality in Arts Network cannot be overstated. Through participating in the network’s programs, I have had the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with individuals who have a wide range of experiences and perspectives. This has not only deepened my understanding of the issues surrounding gender equality in the arts, but also provided valuable insights on how to navigate the field and implement change in my own community.

The community practice approach in particular has been incredibly beneficial. This approach allows for members to come together, share their work and experiences, and receive feedback from one another in a supportive environment. This has not only helped me to refine my own work and research but also helped me learn how to provide constructive and effective feedback to others.

Additionally, the peer-to-peer mentorship offered by the Network has provided me with a valuable support system. Having the opportunity to connect with individuals who have been working on similar issues for a longer period of time has been incredibly helpful in learning about potential roadblocks and receiving guidance on how to overcome them.

Overall, the community practice approach and peer-to-peer mentorship offered by the Network has been an essential part of my professional development as well as a fundamental tool to making an impact on the field of Gender Equality in Arts.