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Saint Joseph UniversityFounded in 1875 in Beirut, Saint-Joseph University was the first Jesuit university established in the region. The values that drive civic engagement initiatives in this university are ‘near philosophical personalism, where self-realization cannot be separated from social-realization: mankind is seen as human society devoted to personal achievement of each member, commitment, accountability, equity, subsidiarity, and generosity.’ Saint Joseph University’s website>>

Opération 7ème Jour

 The Rector of the Université Saint-Joseph, Professor René Chamussy, launched Opération 7ème Jour (Operation 7th Day) in response to the humanitarian crisis brought on by the 2006 war in Lebanon, engaging students, faculty, and staff in volunteer activities to provide immediate assistance to the population of South Lebanon. Since 2006, Opération 7ème Jour has transformed from an emergency relief effort to a large-scale development program with activities across Lebanon. Working closely with NGOs, government agencies, and local authorities, the program has continued and expanded its solidarity activities, managing development and health care initiatives in an even larger geographic area, with contributions from faculty and students from every academic discipline. Learn more at the Opération 7ème Jour website>>

Institutional Profile:

Saint Joseph Profile“The university strives to realize its vision in Lebanon where the government does not have any policy frameworks on the issue of civic engagement for higher education institutions. While the university sees that civil society generally favors an academic thrust over civic engagement, it also appreciates the students’ desire for an effective role in society.” Read more of SJU’s Institutional Profile>>