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Seyfe Tareke Woldehiwot

Mekelle University (Ethiopia)
Research Project Title: Solar-Powered Charging Stations for IDPs in Tigray

Research Project Title: Solar-Powered Charging Stations for IDPs in Tigray


The project aims to address the critical need for reliable electricity access within Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in the Tigray Region, Ethiopia. Through the implementation of solar-powered charging stations, sustainable solutions are sought for charging essential devices like mobile phones and tablets. This initiative intends not only to address immediate connectivity needs but also to catalyze community resilience, empowerment, and capacity building.

The project methodology involves conducting a comprehensive needs assessment and feasibility study within IDP camps, followed by collaborative design, construction, and installation of strategically located solar-powered charging stations. Engagement with local technicians, community representatives, NGOs, and governmental agencies ensures alignment with the specific needs and priorities of the IDP community.

Emphasis is placed on community involvement, technical capacity building, and fostering long-term sustainability. By providing training to local technicians, involving IDP representatives in decision-making processes, and exploring revenue models, the aim is to create a self-sustaining model that benefits both the IDP community and the environment through the use of renewable energy.

Measuring the project's impact encompasses various aspects, including improved connectivity, increased resilience, economic opportunities, community ownership, and environmental benefits. This multi-faceted approach aims to ensure that the project meets immediate needs and contributes to the long-term well-being and empowerment of the IDP community.

Commitment is made to fostering lasting partnerships, ensuring regular maintenance and monitoring of the charging stations, and promoting knowledge transfer to support the sustainability and ongoing success of this initiative.

The project embodies action-oriented research, community-driven solutions, and a commitment to empowering IDP communities in the Tigray Region, ultimately contributing to their enhanced well-being and self-reliance.

Keywords: solar power, charging station, IDPs, Tigray Region, connectivity, environmental impact.