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Stellenbosch campus

Stellenbosch University, located in the picturesque Jonkershoek Valley in the heart of the Western Cape Winelands, is recognized as one of the four top research universities in South Africa. The earliest roots of the University can be traced back to the 17th century. Today, it enrolls over 20,000 students in 10 faculties. Visit SU’s homepage>>

Office for Service Learning

 In 2004, service-Learning was an unfamiliar concept on the Stellenbosch campus. The first capacity building program coincided with an international service-learning symposium held on campus in November 2005. The symposium, “Service-Learning:  Models for the 21st Century – Intercommunity, Interdisciplinary, International” was sponsored by Stellenbosch University. Since then, two more capacity programs were offered which increased the service-learning modules offered at Stellenbosch. Service-learning has become an established practice and is now moving towards institutionalization. The aim is to have at least one service-learning module in each of the academic programs offered by Stellenbosch by the year 2015. Learn more>>

TB-free Kids Project

Stell TBfreeThe TB-free Kids Project is a multi-faceted project in urban communities affected by high levels of poverty, tuberculosis (TB) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), in the Western Cape. This project seeks to make a difference in the lives of people affected by TB and HIV who form part of the Desmond Tutu TB Centre’s existing research studies by using research results to change policy and thereby improve health care and quality of life. The vision of the project is to contribute to improved community health and well-being on a sustainable basis, with a strong emphasis on a multi-sectorial approach, coordination of various activities and strengthening partnerships with the various Departments of Health. A key end-goal is knowledge and skills transfer into policy and the communities. Learn more>>

Student Initiatives@MGD aka “One-Stop Service”

 The One-Stop Service is the starting point and hub for all student volunteer community engagement projects at Stellenbosch University. A full time staff member is responsible for planning programs that build capacity amongst the students and oversees student projects. The One-Stop Service brings together all the stakeholders involved in student volunteer community engagement at Stellenbosch University, including representatives from community organizations, to make sure that student projects are operating on best-practice principles and receiving the support they deserve. By partnering with established community organizations and service agencies, students engage with communities and address developmental challenges in collaboration with professional development organizations. Training programs for student leaders and volunteers build capacity to deliver projects adding value to established development activities. Student leaders learn practical networking and relationship building skills in the process. Visit the project’s website>>

The HOPE Project

The University has decided to draw everything that it does into the Millennium Development Goals through its research, learning and teaching, and community interaction.  The result has been the formulation of a set of visionary academic initiatives focused on these themes, covering topics that include: the socio-economic rights of the needy under our constitutional dispensation; the use of Geographic Information Technologies for Africa’s development; renewable and sustainable energy supply for developing regions; food security in Southern Africa; rural health and development; human dignity; and invasion biology and environmental sustainability. Learn more>>

Matie Community Service (MCS)

MCS aims to: address needs of communities through service and development programmes; utilise the students, the expertise and co-workers of Stellenbosch University, as well as co-workers and resources outside the University; provide an organizational framework for participation in community service. Learn more>>

Trout Small-scale Farming Project

This project is aimed at farm-workers from rural communities, with a focus on women and youth. The goal of the project is the improvement of living standards and the alleviation of poverty, the transfer of knowledge and skills and the upliftment of people in previously-disadvantaged communities. Attention is also given to training in aquaculture and business practice, as well as the development of life skills. Learn more>>