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Ternopil National Economic University (TNEU) is located in the city of Ternopil, Ukraine. The University was established in 1966, achieved university status in 2005, and became a national university in 2006. TNEU believes that democratic changes in the state require young people to realize their own value in the society and take the responsive action in accordance with their own beliefs and values. Visit TNEU’s website>>

TNEU Student Engagement

TNEU students engage in a number of charitable activities:

  • New Year performances- musicals “Christmas Angel’s Tale “, “Christmas Tale is Opening the Door,” Easter performance-story “Spring in a Hurry to Feast” for  disadvantaged children and children with special needs of Ternopil city and   region;
  •  “Flower of Goodness and Mercy” in cooperation with Red Cross to raise funds for children with cancer;
  • “May the joy of childhood knows no end,” “Let the children be always happy” on the International Children’s Day together with the Center of Social Services for the Families, Children and Youth of Ternopil Regional State Administration;
  • Concert program dedicated to the Victory Day and the Day of Seniors held in geriatric home in the village of Petrykiv, Ternopil district, Ternopil region;
  • Concert for children-residents of Zhytomyr region in the sanatorium of “Veselka” (“Rainbow”), in the village of Petrykiv, Ternopil district, Ternopil region;
  • Participation in charitable and public master-class of  “We are Opening Our Hearts” (raising money for medical equipment for pediatric cancer);
  • Regional Charitable Project “Good Returns” for orphans and children deprived of parental care;
  • Charity action  ” Do Good Since You Are a Human Being” for the pupils of boarding school of Ternopil region together with the Center of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth of Ternopil city and Ternopil Regional State Administration;
  • “Believe in Yourself” program: Participation of the University amateur groups in regional festivals of children with special needs
  • “Steps to Family Happiness”, a project by the Club of Family Education, is promoting the education of physically and mentally healthy children, and teaching the students with the laws on marriage and family, as well as with the basics of ethics and psychology of family life, the formation of social readiness for marriage, and education of love for parents.
  • “Weeks of legal culture.” Changes in social life of Ukraine are accompanied by a worsening of the education of young generation and growth in crimes committed by young people. In order to create a legal culture among the University students there are held “weeks of legal culture”, information and educational hours, the legal literature exhibitions, “round tables” on legal topics, measures on the occasion of the Lawyer Day, and Human Rights Day.
  • The education of the students’ conscious, caring, and  responsible attitude to their health, formation of the skills that promote healthy lifestyles, prevention of negative habits among young people, prevention of disease are ensured by respective measures  directed at the formation of healthy lifestyle, namely the following: debates, thematic meetings, “roundtable discussions”, information and educational hours, poster contests, sanitary papers and videos, information and education hours, themed stands, and vigils for AIDS victims.