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Civic Engagement Activities

The Women University Multan, established in 2013, has quickly gained a reputation as a top-tier school in the country, providing high-quality education in a range of academic fields. The university adheres to National Quality Assurance Practices and is consistently working towards improving quality by establishing more connections, reinforcing collaborations, and enhancing institutional reputation. Quality assurance has been used in online teaching and learning, as well as in curriculum evaluation and cataloging. Additionally, hardcopy curriculum catalogs have been produced.

In 2022, a self-institutional Performance Evaluation (S-IPE) was carried out to assess the performance of WUM. The university prioritizes Human Resource Development (HRD), offering monthly training sessions for staff and professors. The establishment of the Professional Development Centre (PDC) aims to synchronize HR development with the university’s vision, mission, and core values. Faculty development programs enhance faculty members’ knowledge, abilities, and disposition to equip them for future leadership positions.

This year, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been established to assess teacher performance and introduce the Best University Teacher Award (BUTA-WUM). Faculty members frequently participate in national and international conferences, workshops, seminars, and webinars to disseminate and exchange knowledge in various scientific disciplines.

The university has formed connections with industry to encourage entrepreneurship and has revitalized the Centre for Career Counseling and Job Placement to offer support to students. The research activities and publications have experienced substantial growth, resulting in the successful awarding of PhD degrees to 11 research students and the enrollment of 23 new students in the PhD program. The institution successfully concluded the induction of 98 new faculty members following a five-year hiatus and reinstated four PhD and three MPhil programs. The Women University Multan is actively enhancing its infrastructure and addressing various difficulties. In 2021, the university was awarded two projects by the HEC and the Govt. of Punjab, to construct buildings valued at 1498.571 million and 192.0 million respectively.

The projects will include the construction of specialized academic buildings, IT facilities, childcare centers, Dar-ul-Quran facilities, water purification plants, and the expansion of transportation and library departments. The university’s fiscal condition is strengthening through careful strategic planning and growth. In 2022, the university presented a new PC-1 proposal for the development of a research center and the enhancement of instructional facilities, with a total value of 1831 million. In 2022, the university finished constructing the Mattital campus building and submitted PC-IV.

Ongoing technical infrastructure updates are essential for a forward-thinking school, and the university has implemented a Learning Management System (LMS), equipped smart classrooms, installed biometric attendance systems, and established a student support center. The institution prioritizes academics and student participation by offering training and outreach activities, including TEDx speeches on Climate Change & Sustainability. The university strives to function as a proficient institution with effective management and operations. It is dedicated to developing and supporting students, professors, and HR as valuable assets for the country’s progress.


University civic engagements

  • University held blood donation camp.
  • Awareness Seminar on Role of Women’s in Peace Building at Higher Education Institutions (27-08-2021)
  • Breast Cancer Youth Awareness Seminar at Katchery Campus of the University (04-10-2021)
  • Breast Cancer Youth Awareness Seminar at Mattital Campus of the University (05-10-2021)
  • Awareness Walk on World Science Day, 2021 (10-11-2021)
  • Career Counseling Workshop for the Students of Sciences, Arts & Social Sciences, Economics, Commerce, Management Sciences and Languages (10-11-2021)
  • Green Day Celebration for Clean and Green Movement of Pakistan (14-02-2022)
  • Participation in the Seminar regarding Women’s Property Rights (22-02-2022)
  • Participation in the Seminar regarding Role of Women’s in Peace Building (23-02-2022)
  • Participation in Women’s Conference for Peace, 2022 in connection with the Celebrations of International Women’s Day (04-03-2022 To 05-03-2022)
  • Capacity Building Workshop for Youth on Life Skills (28-03-2022 to 01-04-2022)
  • Virtual Motivational Session regarding critical thinking Women Empowerment and Women Rights (27-04-2022 To 29-04-2022 )
  • Three-Day Training on Effective Use of Social Media (13-06-2022 to 15-06-2022 )
  • Pink Ribbon Youth Awareness Program, 2022
  • Awareness Session on Drug Addiction and Electronic Gadgets amongst Youth (08-12-2022)
  • Awareness Walk on International
  • Anti-Corruption Day, 2022 Under NAB Multan
  • Three Day Refresher Training on Youth Development, Life Skills, Civic Education and Effective Use of Social Media Awareness Session regarding National Freelance Training Program (05-05-2023)
  • World Environmental Day Celebrations to create awareness and build actions for the protection of the environment (05-06-2023)
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar (06-10-2023)
  • Awareness Seminar on Women’s Laws and Rights for Women Empowerment-
  • 16 Days of Activism Campaign  (07-12-2023)
  • Plantation Drive in connection with the Celebrations of World Plantation Day (21-03-2024 To 22-03-2024)