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University of Eswatini (UNESWA) recognizes community service as a key area of activity. It is committed to encouraging diverse community service activities throughout the organization and ensuring that appropriate recognition of these are made. For example, community service undertaken by individual members of staff will normally be considered through the performance management system.

UNESWA recognizes its core activities of advancing and applying knowledge (through pure and applied research and its use in a wide range of creative and professional contexts) and educating scholars and professionals as essential parts of its service to the broader community. The university is able to share a high level of expertise with the community, such as through continuing education programmes, and to make available a wide range of physical facilities, equipment and learning resources to the community.

Each campus of the three (3) campuses i.e. Kwaluseni, Luyengo and Mbabane, contributes “to the well-being and development of the country and region in which it is located” in a way that is consistent with the goals and objectives of UNESWAand that meets the reasonable expectations of the communities concerned.

The UNESWA will be of service to the community by:

  • Promoting educational, academic and cultural values in the general community and fostering awareness of the University as an academic, educational and general resource.
  • Providing a rich cultural environment for staff and students, which is consciously spread into the local communities around the campuses.
  • Accepting the role as an intellectual leader within a national and international context and stimulating and contributing to debate on cultural, economic, environmental, scientific and social issues.
  • Responding to reasonable community needs and expectations consistent with the University’s goals and objectives.
  • Establishing and supporting avenues for community service by students and staff.
  • Providing opportunities and procedures for input from business, industry, professional groups and the community generally into the ongoing development of the teaching, research and other aspects of the UNESWA mission.