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The Universidad Central de Chile is the first autonomous private university in Chile. Founded in 1982 in Santiago de Chile, UCEN has over 12,000 students in 9 faculties. UCEN’s website>>

Social Development Program

Since 2011, UCEN’s Social Development Program has sought to establish a permanent link between the company and the student community, through a group of young professionals responsible for managing and carrying out the various activities that are intended to link the university and social organizations. It focuses mainly on: supporting social projects carried out by students, building a network of social entrepreneurs, social leadership training, extracurricular workshops for members of the community, and support for the elderly. The Social Development program includes the service learning curriculum of the university, as well as its extension activities. Learn more>>

Legal Services to Vulnerable Communities

Established in 1992 by UCEN’s Faculty of Law, the legal clinic seeks to transmit values, knowledge, and skills to students through active participation in information services, counseling and legal advocacy, applied research and knowledge transfer to individuals and organizations who are vulnerable or discriminated against. The clinic has four main activities:

  • Theoretical and practical training of law (lectures, workshops, analyzes of international law and national)
  • Training in legal practice (case management, mock trials, visits to judicial institutions)
  • Generation and exchange of knowledge (research, publications and seminars)
  • Social connectedness (advocacy and protection of rights)

Learn more>>

Formal and Subsistence Microenterprise Program

Since 2006, the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences has worked with vulnerable microentrepreneurs, transferring knowledge in the use and application of management tools microenterprise, contributing to sustainable growth and development of this economic sector in Chile. Learn more>>

Psychological Clinic

For over 20 years, the Psychological Clinic within the Faculty of Social Sciences has delivered a variety of psychological services to members of the community from vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds. The clinic serves the disadvantaged in the Santiago metropolitan area. Learn more>>