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The Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) is the largest university in Argentina and the largest university by enrollment in Latin America. Founded on August 12, 1821 in the city of Buenos Aires, it consists of 13 faculties, 6 hospitals, 10 museums and is linked to 3 high schools. Access to the university is free of charge for everyone, including foreigners.

The three pillars of UBA are teaching, research, and extension. The UBA statute commits the university to extension and civic engagement, declaring "The University encourages all those activities that substantially contribute to social improvement of the country, the strengthening of democratic institutions and through this, the claim of right and justice." Universidad de Buenos Aires website>>

University Extension at UBA

UBA ExtensionThe University Extension Department, created in 1956, runs projects addressing numerous social issues, including those connected to health, education, environment, children’s and adolescents’ rights, social vulnerability, and crime and violence, among others. Many of these programs are coordinated through the individual faculties, while others involve collaboration between faculties. For example, the Faculty of Agriculture and the School of Psychology have teamed up to create the Program of School and Community Gardens (PEHUEC). Established in 1997, PEHUEC is run by university teachers, students and graduates, with the aim of strengthening processes for the production of organic flowers, herbs, and vegetables in urban and suburban schools and community areas, providing agronomic technical support, technology, and project management advice in participatory planning in accordance with the interests and job opportunities at each location. The program strengthens ties between the university and society, creates spaces for community participation and sharing of knowledge, and enhances interdisciplinary learning for the UBA students involved. For more information about this or the many other extension programs at UBA, please visit the UBA Extension website>>