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The Universidad de Falcón (UDEFA) is a private, non-profit university in Falcón State, Venezuela. UDEFA’s mission is to efficiently contribute to transforming the country through knowledge generation, technology transfer and human resource development. UDEFA’s social responsibility programs include supporting the Creating Homes program, a Social Management Program for children at risk, and cultural and tourism coordination with local municipalities. UDEFA also emphasizes research that works to solve social problems. UDEFA’s website>>

UDEFA runs extension programs, courses, and workshops, as well as other services and products which have supported the business management skills and professional development of the community members. Since its establishment in 2004, UDEFA has supported approximately 650 scholarships for students from low socio-economic status and high academic levels as a contribution to the Falcón community, in an effort of social responsibility. The Cultural Department has also created local poetry and music programs, which are performed every month in order to preserve regional, national and Latin American indigenous values.

UDEFA has also participated in the development of important projects such as the design of the Paraguaná peninsula risk map, which will soon put on the agenda of all organizations in the country a unique database on all seismic events for the use of probabilistic research that will allow better planning by public agencies.