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The Universidad de Guadalajara is a public university in Guadalajara, Mexico. Established in 1791, it is now one of the largest and most respected universities in Mexico. It has 14 campuses in and around Guadalajara. Visit the Universidad de Guadalajara’s website>>

Office of Social Service

 This office works to promote and strengthen academic outreach activities, support to indigenous communities, programs of service in higher education, and projects of innovation and technology transfer.  Some of the functions of the office include:

  • Identifying the various needs of the public, private, and social sectors;
  • Strengthening multicultural coexistence with indigenous peoples;
  • Coordinating programs that contribute to sustainable development and counter inequality, social exclusion, and poverty;
  • Designing a comprehensive program of social service;
  • Coordinating social service program for students and graduates of the University of Guadalajara;
  • Monitoring social service that meets the objectives of the university regulations;
  • and supporting arrangements to provide academic credit for social service. Learn more>>


Serving Indigenous Communities

 The Support Unit for Indigenous Communities (UACI) runs a variety of projects to serve local indigenous populations and indigenous migrants to the Guadalajara metropolitan area. For example, starting in 1996 the UACI began offering health care services to indigenous groups and migrants. In cooperation with various public agencies and non-governmental organizations, the unit offers free medical care and health education programs for these vulnerable populations. The UACI also advocates for migrants with local agencies and works to help these migrants assimilate and find employment and housing. Learn more about the UACI’s work>>