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The Universidad Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín (URBE) is a private university in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Founded in 1989, URBE currently enrolls about 27,000 students in 5 faculties. URBE’s mission states that it will use technology in teaching, research and extension, to meet the economic, social, environmental and scientific needs of the region, country and the world in a framework of democracy, social justice, and human solidarity. URBE’s website>>


 The Dean of Extension ensures the effectiveness and relevance of education and outreach programs in addressing the needs of the community in different geographical areas. The Extension program uses the human, economic, information, and infrastructure resources of the university to provide timely responses to social needs. Learn more>>

Department of University Social Responsibility (DRSU)

 Created in 2006 under the Dean of Extension, the DRSU is responsible for coordinating the process of providing services to the community and learning opportunities for students and fulfilling the social responsibility of the university. The DRSU’s mission is to foster commitment to social responsibility and community service and place local, municipal, state and national needs as key drivers of university teaching and research. Learn more>>

School for Community Councils

 This program seeks to empower communities to organize and pursue their own development by providing training to members of Community Councils. Training modules include: Development of Human Potential and Public Participation; Legal and Administrative Aspects of Community Organization; Media and Technology Tools; Project Formulation and Development. The School thus provides knowledge and training to help council members better serve their communities, promotes the identification of priority needs for communities, and strengthens channels of communication between communities and their local councils. Learn more>>

Business Support Directorate

 This office is empowered to establish linkages with the city and the business sector in order to make relevant the training and research provided by the university, maintain a continuous dialogue with employers, and seek the formation of students and entrepreneurs capable of building their own businesses. The portfolio of the Business Support Directorate includes Creating Research Centres, Human Resource Development, Technology Transfer, Hosting Events, and Research and Development. Learn more>>