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The Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico is a private, nonprofit institution of higher education with deep Christian roots.  It serves as cultural bridge between North America and Spanish America.  For more than 90 years, it has been dedicated to preparing students in all branches of the scientific, social, and humanistic fields.

It is the only institution of higher education in Puerto Rico with a Christian ecumenical orientation.  This means that itself does not adhere to any theology nor any particular denomination.

The ecumenical position of the University signifies tolerance and openness toward society, science, technology and the plurality of creeds; commitment to service and not the control of society; promotion of friendship, love and understanding beyond human barriers.

Founded in 1912 by Dr. John Will Harris, minister of the Presbyterian Church, the University maintains a friendly, historic association and enriching relationship our community and with other Christian groups, all with an ecumenical spirit. Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico website>>