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Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata is a public University in Mar del Plata, Argentina. It was established on September 30, 1975 by combining a Provincial University and a Catholic university in Buenos Aires Province. UNMDP enrolls over 20,000 undergraduates and consists of nine faculties: Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, Agricultural Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Social Work, Law, Humanities, Engineering, Psychology. UNMDP’s website>>

Extension at UNMDP

 The function of University Extension is to improve the living conditions of the community in different aspects: health, education, employment, production, and culture. UNMDP maintains a wide variety of extension programs, both within and across different faculties. The University also issues a call for new extension projects every year. These projects include programs for children, volunteer training programs, health and HIV/AIDS prevention programs, agricultural extension, environmental protection projects, and cultural programs. Learn more>>


Community Action Program

 The Community Action Program (CAP) was established in 2001 with the primary objective of combatting the country’s socio-economic challenges. CAP involves teachers and students from various faculties as well as non-university stakeholders, in areas such as economics, education, counseling children and adolescents, job training, and hosting workshops, meetings, and conferences to promote exchange between teachers, students, and members of government agencies and civil society. Learn more>>