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The Universidad Valle del Momboy is a non-profit university in the state of Trujillo, Venezuela. UVM was founded as a “university community at the service of sustainable human development.” UVM was originally a department within the Universidad Rafael Urdaneta (URU) based in the city of Maracaibo, and became an independent university in 1997. Its commitment to development is expressed through its Center for Sustainable Human Development (CDHS). Universidad Valle del Momboy’s website>>

Community Engagement Programs

 The Network of Enterprising Rural Schools brings technology to rural schools
through the donation of computer equipment as well as technical assistance provided by UVM students. It also runs a program with an emphasis on increasing knowledge and appreciation of local identity and local oral tradition. The program worked with local students to digitize 268 local oral stories. Book Week is an annual event aimed at providing educational opportunities for children at both rural and urban schools in the state of Trujillo through reading activities, drama, and writing programs. Learn more>>

Center for Human Sustainability

UVM defines human development as an alternative approach to economic growth as a process which seeks to expand the range of options for people, providing greater opportunities for education, medical care, food security, employment and income. It covers the full spectrum of human choices from a favorable environment to political and economic freedoms. The Center for Human Sustainability seeks to strengthen and consolidate the culture of research at the university aimed at expanding sustainable human development. Research at the university follows four lines of research: Sustainability, Economic Development, Social Capital and Local Development. Learn more>>