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The University of Veracruz has delineated an institutional strategy based on the notion that community engagement is the essence of the three main academic functions of a university: teaching, research and extension; and not a fourth function in itself. The university operates under the belief that higher education can play a key role in promoting local empowerment for self-sustained development. Universidad Veracruzana>>

Casas de la Universidad

 The Universidad Veracruzana has developed a unique and effective strategy for providing much-needed services to communities in the state of Veracruz who are living in extreme poverty. The “Departamento de Vinculación Comunitaria” links the university to communities through its “University Houses.” These houses are spaces and buildings created to facilitate links between academic activities and communities in need. They represent fertile ground for carrying out research, life-long education, extension of University services, communication skills, and the transfer of innovative technologies. Also, they are places for the interaction of cultures, mutual learning, and exchanging experiences with opportunities to create a bridge between academic knowledge and actual application to community needs.

 The services offered in University Houses reinforce assistance programs of the institutions. The alliance of the University, local community members, and local municipal resources and knowledge encapsulates the project of University Houses. In the community it is not the goal to compete or replace existing institutional work. The University organizes multidisciplinary participation as a vital contribution to promoting and facilitating human development.

Functions of the University Houses:

  • Management and inter-agency coordination
  • Technical assistance and training
  • Research, assistance and advocacy for community health
  • Generating new knowledge and life education
  • Research, consulting and training of the community
  • Distance education and training