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University Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD), also known as the University of Dakar, is a university in Dakar, Senegal. University Cheikh Anta Diop predates Senegalese independence, and grew out of several French institutions, the first beginning in 1918. In 1957, the University of Dakar was established. In 1987, its name was changed to honor the Senegalese philosopher and anthropologist, Cheikh Anta Diop. Today it has an enrollment of over 60,000, including students from across Francophone West Africa. UCAD’s website>>

Commitment to engage with society

UCAD CommitmentThe university has announced that: "To enhance the relevance of UCAD, we will, in connection with the various economic and social actors in the country, identify the services that UCAD is able to provide to society, in addition to its traditional missions of teaching and research make to society. These services will be performed in a manner that will ensure a sustainable relationship between the University and other parts of the country: State, IGOs, local NGOs, professional organizations, businesses, individuals etc.

Citizenship Program

UCAD ACUThe Citizenship Program at UCAD (ACU) involves a range of development activities (Environment, Health, Literacy and Information Technology) that the University has been running since 2000 across Senegal, in order to promote a sense of citizenship and community service among students and primarily to support marginalized communities in the resolution of their problems and the challenges that impede their development. In the area of Environment, the ACU has focused mainly on reforestation, planting tens of thousands of trees throughout the country over the past several years. In the area of health, the ACU has provided medical services for thousands of poor patients. Learn more>>