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The University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K) is a multi-campus, multi-discipline university. It was established in 1980. The University of AJ&K is dedicated to quality education in Arts, Humanities, Sciences and the Professions for advancement of knowledge to promote progress and prosperity. The University has been making steady progress in both academic and administrative domains. Currently, University is moving ahead on the path of tremendous progress in higher learning sector using human and financial resources to increase the access to programs and using all cautions to assure quality of the increased base of higher learning programs. Following Departments are involved in specific Civic and Community based services:

  • Kashmir Institute of Economics (KIE): Engaged in Intra Kashmir trade study through which they helped the Govt., the traders and local farmers in identifying the intra Kashmir trade opportunity constraints and solution of specific problems. The research process was completed with very interactive involvement of all the stakeholders. Presently through local production is an ongoing program at KIE aimed to economic uplift of local farmers and Production. Besides, periodic divine economics is a feature of KIE. Though, KIE is the first Institute which initiated “Universal Values Survey” Through this survey better understanding of societal values and their Economic interrelationship are being developed.
  • Department of Art and Design: Department of Art & Design is paying attention to the social and economic issues, the duties of a citizen in the community and highlighting the culture of our area. Textile designing is an art, through which we introduce the surface design of our locality, its quality assessment on scientific grounds, its expansion on economic level and its cultural values via Graphic Designing, we are introducing new campaigns for latest trends and novel ideas to keep abreast of public at large. Painting is a sophisticated art and we use this channel to display the true social nexus of the society.
  • Department of Business Administration: The Department of Business Administration has developed linkages with local business communities like small medium enterprises, financial institutions, developments, financial and local tribunals and chamber of commerce. In this regard, Department has initiated a program in collaboration with Bank of AJK. Currently, Dept. has explored the area to develop a planning model similar to idea of Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank, Bangladesh. The aim of program is to benefit the low income people in the state of AJK for socially and economically uplifting their needs.

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