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The University of Bologna (UNIBO) is a public university in Bologna, Italy. It was probably the first University in the western world. The University began to take shape in Bologna at the end of the eleventh century, when masters of Grammar, Rhetoric and Logic began to devote themselves to the law. In the nineteenth century a committee of historians, led by Giosuè Carducci, attributed the birth of the University to the year 1088. Today, UNIBO has 23 faculties and a student enrollment of nearly 100,000. 

The University of Bologna has as its focus “to meet the demands of society, to remain always open to dialogue [and] to affirm the vital need for different cultures to know and influence each other [by] encouraging mobility among teachers and students.” UNIBO’s website>>

International Center for Civic Engagement

UNIBO International Center for Civic EngagementA collaborative project of the University of Bologna and the University of Denver, the International Center for Civic Engagements strives to be a unique locus of collaborative teaching and research dedicated to the study of urban worlds and the promotion of engaged global citizenship. The Center supports comparative and interdisciplinary study of cities and citizenship, fosters civic responsibility and involvement, and seeks to apply knowledge and skills in support of the public good. It offers various exchange programs and other opportunities for both students and faculty.

Grameen Bank

UNIBO Grameen BankThe University of Bologna has a strong relationship with Grameen Bank, which is widely considered to have originated the idea of microcredit for development. Started in the 1970s by Muhammad Yunus to help Bangladesh cope with famine and officially established as a bank in 1983, this project has made over $7 billion in small loans to the rural poor. The University of Bologna takes part in the project by making available its expertise and scientific disciplines. Learn more>>